Happy fifth birthday to you! Do you know what FIVE means for you? It’s Fantastic, Incredible, Valuable, and Exceptional! Enjoy your fifth year on Earth cutie!

At 5 years old, something cool happened – you have become the boss! You’re now able to tell us what you want and your wish is our command! Isn’t that amazing? Happy 5th birthday sweetheart!

Now that you’re already five years old, you get to stay up a little bit later at night. But not until you start going to school! Until then, enjoy this moment of your life, my darling! Happy 5th birthday to you!

happy 5 birthday04

Happy 5th birthday sweetie, you are an amazing kid and I hope you get to enjoy this day. I love you so much and hope you always remember you mean a lot to me.

Happy fifth birthday sweetheart, you make me proud, glad, happy and I will always be your biggest fan. Love you so much.

You are the coolest kid around. Happy 5th birthday young one. Smile. You are awesome!

Wow! You are so big for such a young one. I see wonderful things for you in the future. Happy 5th birthday!


You have no idea how much happiness you brought to your parents. Everyone here was losing their minds by how often your cuteness made them laugh.

Becoming a parent is one of the best feelings you could ever have. Today you are a five-year-old parent. Happy 5th birthday, to your dear baby!

You are one of the naughtiest 5 year old kid I have ever seen. So, full of energy and joy. Happy birthday to you and I wish you maintain the same energy in the upcoming years.

All your favorite superheroes are wishing you the best birthday ever.


Cakes, balloons, candles and decorations are all set for the best 5th birthday ever. Enjoy it.

Can’t remember being 5 but I’m sure it’s full of fun and excitement. Wish you more of this.

You become extra [handsome/beautiful] when you’re 5. I’m seeing it in you already. Enjoy today, baby.

Very cheerful and adorable birthday wishes to the cutest 5 years old. Your little smiling face is the perpetual source of happiness in the world. May you turn out to be a great kid!


If I had the authority to give the award of the most notorious 5 years old, it would definitely be bagged by you without a shadow of a doubt. Happy birthday my little prince!

Though you are just 5 years old, you have the quirkiness and audacity of a feral teen at this age. Happy 5th birthday my little son!

You turned 5 today. You are getting so big! I’m so proud of you! Happy 5th birthday to you!

Happy 5th birthday! You’re a big kid now. You get to blow out five big candles on your birthday cake!


Hip, hip, hooray, and happy 5th birthday! Enjoy every bite of your birthday cake and ice cream today!

There’s a big difference between being 4 and 5. You’re 25% older than a 4-year-old.

It’s always good to know a really cool 5-year-old. I’m glad to know you.

You only have 5 more years to use your fingers to count to your age.


Congratulations! You get to be 5 for an entire year!

You are the youngest 5-year-old I know!

No one can call you a little kid any more. You’re 5 now!

Give me 5! That’s how old you are now!


Five can draw a drawing. Five can button buttons. Five can zip a zipper. Five can wish wishes. Five can get presents and eat cake on bright dishes!

Five is extra clever, with lots of words and songs. Five is extra smart, with letters big and small. Five is extra special, with dreams and wishes for you!

Happy 5th birthday my child! I hope that you’ll soon uncover all the hidden talents that you have. I’m certain you are destined to do great in life! Enjoy your journey, sweetie. Please know that I’ll always have your back.

Happy 5th birthday to you my little darling! You’re truly amazing. Thank you for always making me proud with your talent and cute antics! Enjoy your day my love!


Birthdays bring people together. In fact, your birthday is one of the most awaited events in the family because everyone who loves you is gathered around to celebrate your big day. Happy 5th birthday sweetie!

Happy 5th birthday my sweetheart! Thank you for bringing so much happiness in my life! Please know that no matter how old you become, I will always be here to love and care for you.

You’re such a cute and talented little girl and the compliments that I receive about you are enormous. I am really proud to see you grow into a beautiful little girl that’s full of talent and wit. Happy 5th birthday sweetheart!

Happy 5th birthday to you, my little prince! May you grow up living the kind of life that you always wanted to have and may all of your dreams and wishes come true someday!


Happy fifth birthday darling! You’re such a blessing and I am so proud to be your parent. You are very smart and talented and you bring an enormous amount of joy to the people around you! Enjoy your birthday sweetheart!

This is the time when you won’t remember anything about your birthday party. Nevertheless, we wanted to make your celebration grand because that is what you truly deserve sweetheart! Happy 5th birthday!

You are now five, may this day remind you of all you can be sweetheart, you are great and I will always love you for that.

I don’t know what to tell you. You are five years old! Your biggest concern is what cereal are you going to eat this morning. Have a wonderful day son!


You have no idea how amazing our life has become after you have entered our life. God blessed us with the greatest treasure in our life. Happy 5th birthday, dear baby!

Wishing you dear kiddo a very happy birthday, and you have no idea how much we all love you. It’s your 5th birthday, and it still makes us feel like this is your first one.

Finally, my baby turned five today, and this is a matter of celebration for me. Happy birthday dear kiddo!

Babies resemble God, and it’s been five years since I am living with a God. Happy 5th birthday, my dear baby!


I can’t accept that you’re 5 today. You already talk like you’re 15 and eat like you’re 30. 🙂 What will you be like when you actually clock 20?! 🙂 The best birthday to the best kid.

Whatever will make you become the best that you can be is what we are ready to do for you as parents. May God guide you as we do our best.

You are little but you occupied a big place in my heart. Love you forever, honey.

Happy 5th Birthday to the little diamond that brightens our life day by day.


Your five senses are wishing you a great day as you’re turning 5.

It’s your birthday, so wave goodbye to 4 and say hello to five, plus all the great things that come with it (like five birthday wishes — one for every birthday candle on your cake)

One is cool. Two is cool. Three is cool. Four is cool. Five is cooler. Happy 5th birthday to the coolest kid anywhere.

Happy 5th birthday! Now you can count your age on one hand. Wow, give yourself a hand.


We can’t call you a little kid anymore. You’re five now, so you’re a big kid now. Happy 5th birthday!

It is time to wear your crown and your pretty dress, and grace this world with another year of your sweet and bubbly laughter. Happy fifth birthday, Princess.

You’ve only grown more adorable, cooler and of course, taller with each passing year! Happy 5th birthday!

Wow, you turned five today! You know what that means — you have to slap me five. Happy 5th birthday!


Happy 5th birthday! Do you know what five means? You’re Fabulous, Imaginative, Valuable and Exceptional.

At 5, something really cool happens. You’re the boss — you can now tell kids who are 1, 2, 3 and 4 what to do. Happy 5th birthday!

Grandma sends kisses. Grandpa sends hugs. Both of us send… five big years of love!

We’ve waited all year for this day to arrive. It’s your birthday, and now you are five!


You are five today, so run and play, dance and sway, make a way… for fun to come and stay!

One is done. Two is through. Three did flee. Four’s out the door. Five is now live!

I love you more than kittens and puppies and ponies. I love you more than rainbows and butterflies and sunbeams. I love you more than cake and presents and songs. I hope you love your birthday as much as I love you!

Happy 5-year old birthday my child! You’re no longer a baby anymore so it’s time to act like a kid. Now go out there and play with your friends and eat a lot of sweets! You’re now free to do as you please! Enjoy your day, sweetheart!


With every passing year, you only grow smarter and brighter. Now that you’re already five years old, it’s time to start a new adventure. So go fill this world with your sunshine. Have a fun birthday little one!

Happy 5th birthday to a cute little fellow who always fills our hearts with so much love and gladness! Enjoy your birthday little one and don’t forget to make a wish before you blow the candles on your cake!

We’re extremely lucky to have been given a son who is so smart and adorable. Do not grow up too fast little one, because we still want to enjoy more precious moments with you. Happy 5th birthday!

One of the prettiest smiles any parent would love to see is when their child is at age 5. It’s a blessing to see you with that smile all over your face.


Looking at you now made me forget all the hardship your mom and I went through when you came into our world. Happy 5th birthday. May God guide you. We love you so much.

It’s your 5th birthday my dear, you are a blessing and I hope you enjoy each and every second of your birthday. Have a great one.

I have a five-year-old baby in my house who is always there to help me by creating a mess in the surroundings. Happy birthday my 5-year-old baby!

Five years have been passed away too soon, and I have not imagined it’s been five years since I am a mother. Happy birthday my little munchkin!

happy 5 birthday

There is a lot more I want to say, but this time you will not be able to understand my feelings. On your 5th birthday, I just say thank you for being here. Happy birthday my baby!

Being a parent is not an easy job, but after having your glimpse, it appears to be so easy. It’s been five years since we are proud parents. Happy birthday my baby!

You’ve changed my life over the 5 years I’ve lived with you, my grandchild. You taught me how to run at an old age.

I’m happy to be a part of my grandson’s fifth birthday. Just seeing you smile while opening your gifts is enough for me.

happy 5 birthday

Tell me that you grow up fast because of the apples you eat with me. Five more apples for my five-year-old grandson.

From a baby boy climbing his mom for suckling to a boy climbing his grandma for playing. 🙂 My boy, congrats on turning 5.

You are more valuable to me than Kohinoor. You are a blessing to my life. With the birth of you my destiny has shined. Happy birthday to my 5 years old star!

Oh my angel! How beautiful you are like a lily and a rose. You are most beautiful flower of all. Wishing you blessings and happy birthday to 5 years old kiddo!

happy 5 birthday

May you be like a free bird flying where you want. May your accomplishment never be achieved by anyone except you. Happy birthday to 5 years cute doll!

Happy 5th birthday to you my little darling! May this day turn out to be one of the most unforgettable days of your life. You are so precious to us and we really love you so much! Enjoy your day!

Birthdays are the perfect time to be merry especially when you’re turning 5 years old. This is the time where you will have to chase around your friends and shout to your heart’s delight! Happy 5th birthday sweetheart!

Happy 5th birthday my little princess! Don’t be afraid to aim high and reach the sky! No matter what happens, we’ll always be here to love and support you. We love you so much sweetheart!


Happy birthday sweetie! May all of your dreams and wishes come true someday! You are such a blessing to all of us and we love you so much no matter what!

Sometimes explaining what you have in mind impossible, and this is the same I am feeling right now because it’s your 5th birthday. Happy birthday my little munchkin!

No one can be like you ever, and I just want you to be with me forever. Happy 5th birthday, my baby!

Holding your hand is one of the best feelings, and the moment you say “Dadda”, it always brings a smile to my face. Happy 5th birthday, my dear baby.


Your eyes are so expressive and your gestures relax me. When I see you, I forget all worries and anxieties. You are my destiny. Wishing happy birthday to this 5 years old chubby kid!

May you be as you want to be. May no one like you be. Wishing happy birthday to this 5 years old lovely!

Happiest birthday to the most special and the most beautiful 5 years old in the world. May you get all the love, happiness, and success you deserve.

It is the dream of every parent to see its little kid turn into a super special and beloved kid. I am happy you are growing the way I want. I wish you a splendid happy 5th birthday, my little baby!


I promise my little sweetheart, I will protect you from all the unwanted and unexpected threats. I will stand with you firmly whenever you need me. Happy 5th birthday my little angel!

Heartiest congratulations my cute little prince for turning into a wonderful 5 years old kid. You are the little wonder of my life and surely a lucky charm for your dad.

I am a proud parent of a 5-year-old baby. Thank you for making me proud my baby. Happy birthday dear!

After a long hectic day, your smile is the only thing that can make me feel alive again. Happy 5th birthday, my baby!


In your childhood, I am living my childhood too. It’s been five years since I am enjoying all of this. Happy 5th birthday, my baby!

Holding your hand is one of the best feelings in walking around the stairs is something I can’t explain. Happy 5th birthday, my baby!

You are five years old now, and I can’t explain how it feels to be the proud parent of a five-year-old munchkin. Happy 5th year birthday, baby!

Our beloved baby has turned five today. Happy birthday my little munchkin!