Happy birthday to the smartest kid I have ever known. You are as amazing as ever and I can’t wait to see you all grown up and mature. May you have the best year ahead. Your presents are waiting. Happy 9th birthday.

As another year has passed, we’ve watched you learn more about the world and yourself. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, so shoot for the stars! Happy 9th birthday, most wonderful and brilliant 9-year-old girl.

Your laughter is enough to revive a dying soul. The genuineness of your smile speaks so much of your heart’s innocence. Happy birthday to my 9-year-old daughter. You are simply amazing.


Happy birthday to my 9-year-old daughter. No day passes that I don’t pray for you. I want life to be better for you than it is for me. I hope you have a remarkable birthday.

Every day of your life is an amazing transformation. You grew up on me, daughter, and super thankful that you are doing great so far. Happy birthday to my sweet 9-year-old daughter.

There is nearly nothing about you that doesn’t set my heart on a speed drive. Being your parent has been a thrilling journey. Today marks your 9th birthday, and I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays like this with you. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

For this day, I wish you all the happiness that this world has, happy birthday, child.

With nine is the number of accomplishments. I am here to show you that your existence in my life fills me, because you, my darling, now have an amazing 9-year-old girl. Happy Birthday!


May you find great happiness even in the smallest blessings, I wish you all the best for today.

Finally, the moment has come! From today, it’s nine years! So smile and shout loudly: “The world is mine!” Happy birthday, Kiddo!

You still have a lot to discover of this world, go out, and enjoy.

People say that all children are special in their own way, but you, my love, are special in every way, and that’s why I love you to the end of the world. Happy Birthday!

You are ready for an adventure of your life, so have fun and enjoy every moment of your life.

wake up and be 9

Wishing you a 9th birthday with the whole nine yards…pizza, cake, ice cream, balloons and lots of friends to share all the food and fun.

Birthdays are supposed to be unforgettable, so don’t be shy; it’s your 9th birthday. Enjoy today, like there is no tomorrow. I love you.

Give us your BIG birthday smile and let’s have fun! You’re now 9 and this doesn’t happen all the time! Happy 9th birthday!

Happy 9th birthday! Pretty daughter. Today I am sending 9 cuddles, 9 presents plus the best wishes in the world. Have a special day and be glad.

Happy 9th birthday! Hope you have a wonderfully special day and year on Cloud 9 years old!

magical 9

You’re nine, you’re also mine. Give me a cake slice and I will be fine. Happy Bday, Sunshine.

Nine years already! Years fly fast, so I hope I never miss a chance to tell you that I love you, sweetie.

Today’s your 9th birthday, which means we gotta party all night. Happy Birthday, dear, let’s have some fun.

People say that all children are special in their own way, but you my love are special in every kind of way, and that is why I love you till the end of the world. Happy birthday!

I would like to wish you the greatest birthday of them all because that is the only thing the greatest 9-year-old deserves!

i'm 9

My life before you was an endless night, and you came to brighten everything up, and that is why I am in endless debt to you, for making me the happiest parent in the world just by being born. Happy birthday my darling, I love you.

My lovely daughter, as you celebrate your 9th birthday today, I wish long life and prosperity. Do enjoy your day, dear. Happy 9th birthday, champ.

My darling, nine is a perfect number and my wish for you as you celebrate your 9th birthday is that all you will do in this new age and beyond will be perfect before God and man. Do have a happy 9th birthday, darling.

As you go in this new year, child, I wish you all the best and the joy of the Lord will fill your heart. I love you, my dear daughter. Happy 9th birthday, daughter.

Wow! My baby girl is 9 today and I celebrate with you. So, smile and be happy, the sky is your starting point. Do have a happy birthday, dear.

happy birthday b9

My darling, it has been an absolute honor to watch you grow. Happy 9th birthday to you. I wish and pray all your dreams come true and you get everything you ever wished for. I’ll always be right here beside you.

Happy 9th birthday to you! We’re so excited to spend the day with you and all your friends. There’s going to be tons of cake and all your favorite food. Hope you love the day as much as we love you.

Happy 9th birthday to you! The day you came into our lives, it changed for the better. We never knew we could love anyone as much as we love you. You are a ray of sunshine in our lives. We love you so much.

My baby, Nothing matters more to me than the day you were born. I am as excited about your birthday as you are. Can’t wait to celebrate all day with you and cut the huge cake coming your way. Happy 9th birthday.

I wish you a birthday full of endless fun, cake, and wishes that come true. You deserve nothing less than the best. Best wishes on your special day! Happy 9th birthday to our family’s lovely and brilliant 9-year-old girl.

happy 9

To put it simply, you’re the most popular kid on the block. I wish you a wonderful day. I’m wishing my grandson a wonderful birthday celebration filled with all of his favorite things. Enjoy yourself and eat a lot of cake.

I’m sending you my warmest birthday wishes, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life every day. It makes me proud to have a grandson who is as thoughtful, caring, and wonderful as you are. I adore you to the moon and back!

Of all the billions of people in the world, you chose me as your mother. Thank you for the privilege of being your mother, my dearest daughter. Happy 9th birthday, baby.

Anytime I look at you, I see myself in you. It’s as if I’m the mirror of your life, and that makes me want to be and do my best always. Happy 9th birthday, my lovely girl.

Everything about the details of your life is well structured by God. Happy 9th birthday, daughter. I don’t see myself having trouble raising a sweet daughter like you. I want you to know that your life is guarded by God. Happy 9th birthday, daughter.

wish for 9 th birthday

It’s so unbelievable! Look, my little girl is 9 years already. I wish you divine protection as you mark your 9th birthday today.

Happy 9th birthday, my princess. We have shared the most moments. I want to wish you a smooth 365 days around the sun again.

You’re the strongest 9 years old girl I know. You care and love so deeply. I wish you a wonderful 9th birthday today.

I wish you all a happy birthday, because it’s the only thing that deserves the 9-year-old boy!

Happy 9th birthday! I hope you enjoy all the little things God has given you.

this mermaid is 9

My life before you was an endless night, and you came to whitewash, and that’s why I owe you endless because I made myself the happiest parent in the world by giving birth. Happy birthday my heart, I love you.

Turning 9 makes you so much cooler — at least nine times cooler! Happy 9th birthday!

There are so many attractive reasons to live happily, one of them is you. Wish you a wonderful 9th birthday, sweet friend.

When you turn NINE, you’re Nifty, Intelligent, Nice, and Extraordinary. That’s so you. Happy 9th birthday!

How fast you have grown my dear, just one year before you clock ten, a decade of years. I am glad for you my dear son. Happy 9th Birthday. Stay blessed and enjoy yourself.

this mermaid is 9

Happy 9th birthday! This year, you have nine candles on your birthday cake, so you have nine birthday wishes! Hope all of them come true before you blow out the last candle.

If there’s one thing a 9-year-old needs, it is freedom. Freedom to eat as many as possible, to play as much as possible, and freedom to be the best child. Happy 9th birthday dear. Stay blessed.

May you receive fabulous surprises and beautiful gifts. Wish you a very Happy 9th birthday.

May you have a pot of gold in which you preserve all the joy and good memories. Have a wonderful 9th birthday.

My life will never be the same without you in it. You add color and brightness to my life and I am glad God blessed me with you. May you live long and enjoy life.


Number 9 reminds me of the movie “Nine Lives”, as you look as cute as the cat in the movie. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

The last 365 days have been the most exciting in my life, thanks to you. Can’t wait to spend more time with you. Cheers on clocking 9.

Happy Birthday to the youngest, coolest, and cutest 9-year-old. Good tidings and joy be unto this day. Have a blast!

Till my hair turns white and falls to the ground, till I draw my last breath and leave this world, I will always love and adore you, because you have made these past 9 years of my life special. Happy birthday!

My love, I must tell you today as you celebrate your 9th birthday that you are special in all ways and I want you to know that mummy love you to the moon and back. Do enjoy your 9th birthday.

happy 9 birthday

It’s your 9th birthday my little princess, so have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You are simply the best. Happy 9th birthday, dear.

My little angel, I wish may all your dreams come true as you celebrate your 9th birthday today. Enjoy your day, dear, and do have a happy birthday.

Happy 9th birthday, my daughter and I wish you the very best of the new age because you are simply the best. I love you, my darling daughter.

You’re made of all the sweetest things in the world. You’re full of glitters and sunshine and fairy dust. You truly are a gift from God to us. Happy 9th birthday my dear sweet girl. Can’t wait to celebrate your birthday.

Happy 9th birthday girl. You’re growing up into a beautiful and smart girl and we’re sure you’ll bring happiness everywhere you go. I know this because you bring so much happiness in our lives. Let’s cut the cake now!

9 year old daughter

Happy 9th birthday baby girl. I promise to stand by you through each and every step you take. I will be there in all your good times and make all your bad times better. I love you so much, angel.

On your ninth birthday, my a brilliant, creative, and talented girl. May all of your wishes come true today and every day. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have you as a son. I wish you a happy birthday in which all of your dreams come true.

It’s an honor to watch you grow into the extraordinary man you’re becoming. I will always be available to help you if you need it! I wish you a fantastic day filled with smiles, laughter, and joy. Happy 9th birthday pretty girl.

It’s been a pleasure watching you grow into the young lady you are today. Please keep in mind that I am always available by phone to help you make life decisions. May you be the most popular and successful young lady in the world. Happy ninth birthday.

I understand your selflessness. It is coming from a deep place of understanding. Thank you for being strong at such a young age. Here is to wishing you an exciting 9th birthday celebration.


There is absolutely nothing I won’t do for you, my precious child. Happy 9th birthday, sugar girl. I wish you heart-thrilling moments today.

If I could, I will go through the ends of the earth for you, my super amazing daughter. Happy 9th birthday.

To me, every day is your birthday. That’s because I love you so much. You have my support always. I wish you a very momentous 9th birthday experience, my daughter.

You’re my strong why; the reason I can sacrifice it all. Thank you for always making me feel fulfilled. Happy 9th birthday, dearest daughter.

Birthdays should be unforgettable, so do not be shy. It’s your 9th birthday. Enjoy today as if there was no tomorrow. I love you.


I wish you the best of luck, I wish you good memories that day, my love.

Happy 9th birthday! Pretty girl Today, I send 9 hugs, 9 gifts, and the best wishes of the world. Spend a special day and be happy.

I am so proud of you and what you have become, I wish you all the best in this life.

Happy 9th birthday! May you always find joy in the little things life has to offer, the way you do now.

Happy 9th birthday my little love, you are the most precious gift to me and I hope I can make this birthday unforgettable for you. Enjoy dear one.


Hey, this is your last single-digit birthday. You are getting so grown up — not only in age, but also in the way you act. I’m so proud of you. Happy 9th birthday!

I wish only wonderful things appear in your life and never face any mishap, misfortune and adversity ahead. Have a fabulous 9th birthday, my sweet boy.

Happy 9th birthday! You’re a better BFF than the best friend I ever imagined. Thanks for being mine!

Make 9 wishes for the next 9 years & mention 9 memories about the last 9 years. I know you can’t remember, so I can help. Best wishes, sweetie.

Isn’t this the little cutie I held into my hands 9 years ago? Wow, you’ve grown so much. You are pretty much a man/lady now. Probably going around conquering school as we speak. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and for all of your wishes to come true.

9th birthday wish

Baby girl, you don’t have to be shy today because it’s your 9th birthday and make it an unforgettable one by having lots of fun with your friends. Happy birthday, baby.

When you were born, we knew we had an angel among us. We knew we would love you to bits but we didn’t know you would love us back just the same way. Happy 9th birthday to my dearest handsome baby boy.

Every day is an adventure with you. You and I have the craziest time together even when we’re doing nothing. Your laughter is contagious and you make me so happy. I wish you nothing but the best. Happy 9th birthday boy.

May everything you ask for come true. Just like your birthday celebration today. We’ve got you every single toy you asked for. And your favorite cake! Happy 9th birthday boy. We are always by your side to make all your dreams come true.

I’m not bragging, but my girl is the COOLEST… Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a little conceited. Best wishes on your special day! May all of your wishes and dreams come true in the future! Happy nine-year-old birthday, lovely and brilliant girl.


What a blessing to have a 9-year-old girl who is as wonderful and caring as you. Each year, it’s a joy to watch you grow, and I’m so proud of the person you’re becoming. Happy ninth birthday, sweet, lovely, and beautiful girl.

How quickly time flies by. Happy birthday, my wonderful nine-year-old daughter! I’m so proud of you for growing into the caring, compassionate, and wise young lady you’ve become. May you be the most successful and wealthy young lady in the world.

Happy 9th birthday to a sweet angel. You’re the reason I want to live for a long time so that I can watch you grow and flourish in life.

When I count my joys, you make the top list. How did I give birth to such an incredible girl? Happy 9th birthday, daughter. I’m literally blown away by your wits.

Your torrential laughter blows me away every time. Happy 9th birthday, dearest daughter. Thank you for bringing happiness everywhere you go.

9 birthday happy

May more blessings come because you deserve it, you deserve all the blessings for you.

There are so many attractive reasons to live happily, one of them is you. I wish you a happy 9th birthday, darling.

We know that nine years is really a big problem. That’s why we prepared the ultimate meal today.

Happy 9th birthday! May you always find joy in the little things life has to offer…the way you do now.

Today is your special day, my daughter, have fun and enjoy yourself and I want you to remember that the world is waiting for your manifestation. Do have a happy 9th birthday, daughter.

9 birthday