Birthday Wishes for the departed

130+ Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Friend In...
Birthday Wishes For Deceased Friend

There is not a single day; I didn’t miss you. But today, I miss you more. Happy Birthday.

You’re not here, but I wish the best for you wherever you’re now. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven!

Heaven is lucky to have an amazing person like you. Wishing you a happy birthday in paradise! Read More

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120+ Birthday Wishes For Wife In Heaven
Happy Birthday Dear Wife In Heaven

Perhaps God loves you and admires you more, which is why he brought you back earlier. Happy Birthday Wifey in Heaven. I miss you so much.

In all those vows we take, one was to stand with each other in every situation. But you have broken the same. I miss you a lot, my dear wife. Happy birthday in heaven!

You are the one who gave a purpose to my life and helped me to overcome all my fears. Right now, you are not here, things have changed. I miss you a lot, my dear wife. Happy birthday in heaven! Read More

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130+ Birthday Wishes For Grandma In Heaven
Birthday Msg To In Heaven Grandmother

I am missing you every day since you left away, but I am missing you, even more, today since it is your special day. Though you are not here, I want to wish you a very happy birthday.

Dear Grandmother, Wish you many happy returns of the day. I wish you are at peace and happy. I miss having you around. Love!

I remember how you used to protect me from Dad for all my nuances. I remember playing with you, listening to stories from you like it was yesterday. Happiest Birthday Grandma. I miss you! Read More

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130+ Birthday Wishes For Grandfather In Heaven
Birthday Wish For Dead Grandfather

The last time you have spent with me was an awesome memory for me that will be forever in my heart. Happy Birthday in heaven, grandpa!

Grandpa means second father. I miss you a lot. Happy Birthday in heaven, grandpa!

Your absence at home feels like a void that cannot be filled. Happy Birthday in heaven, grandpa! Read More

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120+ Birthday Wishes For Sister In Heaven
Happy Birthday To My Dead Sister

You may not be here to hold my hand physically, my beloved sis, but I feel your strength and support all around me as I walk through this life without you. I hope today, your sweet birthday, you can feel the same thing about me.

As you enjoy the afterlife peacefully, please know that my sister’s birthday will always be a reason for me to say thank you for the time we spent together. Thank you for being the best imaginable sibling.

It is never possible to break the bond between siblings, not even in death. Know that I feel the peace and happiness that you experience even from so far away on your heavenly birthday. This day and every day, all my love to you. Read More

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