I know how exciting it is to be a big girl/boy already because birthday celebrations are filled with cakes and fun games. But please do not grow up too fast and just enjoy this moment being a kid, it’s the most amazing part of life! Happy 4th birthday!

You’re 4!! The fantastic 4! A fantastic year awaits. Happy Birthday!

It is so tiring to open tons of gifts and I usually want to just skip that part, but I know you are now enjoying unwrapping all of the nice presents you have received on your very special day. Happy 4th birthday!

fourth birthday

3rd birthdays are overrated, the 4th is the real deal. Enjoy!

Guess what? No work today because it’s your birthday. Congrats on turning 4 today.

Every time someone asks me about the best time of my life, I always answer without a second thought that this date is my favorite. Four years ago, I have received the perfect gift ever. And that is when you were born, my little angel. I am grateful that you have made me a cool mom/dad for having the coolest daughter/son. Happy 4th birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday. Life is so much more fun with four-year-olds in it.

young, wild and 4

To the most awesome 4-year-old I know, here’s to countless birthday wishes, tons of treats and sweets and all the fun presents. Happy 4th birthday kiddo!

May your 4th birthday be happier than your third. Now, can you continue giving us that beautiful smile always and forever?!

Today on your very special day, I’m giving you nothing but sacks of fun, hugs, presents, cake, and colorful wishes. May all your dreams be granted and your heart be filled with joy not just today but every day hereafter. Happy 4th birthday to my superstar!

Happy Birthday to the latest 4-year-old in town! Welcome to the big boy leagues.


To the smartest girl I ever met, happy 4th birthday to you! I hope you can still remember us once you’re grown up and become one successful fine woman. Here’s to wishing you a birthday filled with laughter.

Do you know what’s better than celebrating this day as your 4th birthday? It is spending another 364 days as a cool 4-year-old kid. So enjoy every moment and play as much as you can. Happy 4th birthday!

Nothing and no one else in this world can be compared to your awesomeness little one. On your 4th birthday, I wish that you’ll stay as amazing as you are no matter what age you’ll be in. Happy 4th birthday!

From this day onwards, you will continue to grow not just by age and size but also with your knowledge. Whatever happens, I hope you continue to have a free-spirit and keep that golden glow. Happy 4th birthday to you!


Because you cannot know what to wish for, I want to make four wishes for you today because you clocked four years, I wish you health, Happiness, prosperity and lots of love. Happy 4th Birthday.

Don’t eat too much cake; you are already too much sweet else you will get diabetic. Wish you a very happy 4th birthday. May you have a beautiful day.

What a great week it is, I clocked 44 yesterday and you’re 4 today. May our entire life be full of joy and life 4 ever and 4 real. Enjoy your most beautiful moments.

Hope your 4th birthday brings the ultimate pleasure and once again your parents do something more special for you. Wish you a very happy day.


I wish this birthday will be the best birthday of your life, Happy 4th Birthday to you. You have been so cute and adorable, I love you.

May your luck never end, may you live a happy and fulfilling life, these are my main wishes for you as you turn 4 my dear child, I love you!

Your birthday is a huge day of celebration for me, Happy 4th Birthday to you.

You were really cute at age one, but now you’re four times cuter than then. Happy 4th Birthday son. May you enjoy life.


Today is the day that I will spend dancing and singing all day long, Happy 4th Birthday to you. Your birthday is the most special day for me.

I am going to bring the world’s most delicious cake for you on your 4th birthday, Happy Birthday to you.

You have spent 4 years with us, and it was amazing for me and for the family. I always feel great to have such a beautiful brother in my life, Happy 4th Birthday to you.

If your birthday’s super cool and a special time for you, then every wish that’s in this card has come completely true! Have lots of fun on your birthday


Congratulations to the 4 year old princess! On your special b-day you can enjoy yourself today as a great queen. Wishing lots of fun for you and your friends!

There’s no better way to celebrate someone who is 4 years old! Happy 4th birthday!

Our princess has turned 4! Why are you in a hurry to grow up? I still enjoy you in that cute size where I can still carry you on my back and run like crazies. I love doing crazy things with you, and that will always be my favorite part of my every day. I wish all your wishes will come true. Love you to the moon and back, baby girl! Happiest birthday to you!

Enjoy your presents, enjoy your cake, enjoy the fun today will make! Happy birthday


You are the coolest child that deserves the cutest party.

Continue to grow into the brave little man you are, you are turning 4 now and that’s awesome.

You will forever be the most loved, the most precious and the most awesome kid I have ever known.

Happy 4th Birthday, kiddo! May everything you touch turn into gold.


Come on! Be faster! Do you know that you’re close to show one hand when I ask you about your age? Happy Bday, sweetie!

Clocking 4 today? Since 4 is a friendly number, we have to party with all your friends.

I know that you may have wished for cakes, treats, and toys, so on your 4th birthday, I want to make four life wishes for you. Since you hit 4 today, I wish you health, wealth, joy, and love. Happy 4th birthday my little darling!

They say too much sweet is bad for your health, I guess they’re right so just eat enough cake for your little tummy. May your special day be incredible and may you have a happy 4th birthday!


Isn’t it great that yesterday I turned 44 and now you’re turning 4? I wish both of us a long life filled with joy and laughter 4ever! Just embrace each delightful moment and remember to life your life to the fullest!

May your 4th birthday showers you with surprises and unforgettable moments. May your parents also spoil you with gifts and treats, I know they will! Have a very happy 4th birthday!

I hope that you’ll live a long life that is so happy and blessed, other than these 2, I’ve got nothing more to wish for, you’ve got everything that you needed in life. Happy 4th birthday to you!

I couldn’t believe that it has been four years already since you have joined our family. I wish for more amazing years to follow. To my lovely daughter, happy 4th birthday to you. Enjoy life and do not always forget to be a blessing to others.


To my dearest little angel, happy 4th birthday to you. I want to let you know that you are the best gift I have ever received in my life. On your birthday, I pray that you’ll only have joy, peace, and fun. I love you 4ever and ever!

To my adorable little boy, when God created you, he only has two things in mind – cuteness and perfection! Your charm is way beyond any 4-year-old kid can have. Enjoy every bit of your life and may you have the best 4th birthday today!

I do not regret anything that happened in my life since you were born because you have made me the happiest mother in the world by being the most amazing 4-year-old kid ever! So to you my beautiful daughter, happy 4th birthday! May you receive unending happiness in your life.

Dearest sweetheart, you are the most incredible 4-year-old kid I know and having you in the family and being my nephew is the greatest blessing of all. May you have a happy 4th birthday celebration!


Four awesome years have passed since you came into our lives. I hope there are still many exciting years to come. Happy 4th Birthday daughter. Seize all the opportunity to grow well.

Dear baby, you are the best thing to ever happen to me and I hope you enjoy each second of the day my love. Have fun, live large, live long and may all your lucky stars shine.

Your brightness is beyond that of a 4-year-old boy. I really don’t know where you get all these. It’s absolutely from God. Enjoy your beautiful life son. Have a good time.

Giving up my identity as a young woman to become a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me and you made it worthwhile. May you be blessed forever.


Happy 4th birthday to you dear, I can’t believe how big you have been now. I am wishing for a future ahead. Take lots of love, dear.

As you grow up, may God bless you more and more, happy 4th birthday wishes to you.

Happy 4th birthday to the cutest angel in the world. You are the most precious gift for me.

Hey cuties, you are my life. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. Happy 4th Birthday to you, dear.


I think spending a single second without you, my little angel. You are the most important person of my life, Happy 4th Birthday to you.

Today my little princess turned 4 and that’s a huge day for me. I know an amazing year is waiting for you, Happy 4th Birthday to you.

I heard you are always bringing home A’s and stars from school. You are such an achiever even at a young age. You always make us all proud in everything you do. Can’t wait to snuggle you later! Happy birthday, our little achiever. Continue dreaming big, dreams are limitless, remember that. Love you!

Hoping your birthday cake is four times bigger than the biggest cake in the world. That’s the only way to celebrate the birthday of my favorite 4 year old in the world. Happy 4th birthday!


Is it weird that I kind of remember my 4th birthday party? It was awesome! A room full of balloons, a room filled with my family and my kiddie friends. I hope you will have a birthday party that is as great as mine when I was a kid. I hope you will receive lots of gifts today. Happy birthday, kiddo!

This year, I hope your birthday is the very best birthday that a 4 year old can have! Happy 4th birthday!

As you add the fourth candle on your cake today, you live till your birthday cakes get crowded with candles.

Happy Birthday. May this fourth year’s birthday cake is four times bigger than your last three birthday cakes.


May every year you add in age be the best year you’ve seen so far. Have a fantastic day. Stay blessed.

Birthdays are the blessing but you are the greatest gift to me from God. May you have thousands of happy moments and you remain safe from the evil eyes. Happy 4th Birthday boy.

I call you the most important thing in my life, because I do everything to make you happy and comfortable. May your life become better as you clock 4.

May the angels that have protected you so far continue to do so my 4 year old age. I love you and wish you all the sweetness the world has to offer!


When you’re looking for the coolest 4-year-old boy, don’t go anywhere; don’t even try to look at any other person than today’s celebrant. You’re so amazing.

This is a very special day for you and me because it’s your birthday, Happy 4th Birthday.

Today you are turning 4 and it is a big day for us, Happy 4th Birthday to you.

You are a wonderful gift of my life, you have changed everything. You have added so much happiness and joy, Happy 4th Birthday to you.


When you came to my world, everything changed and I started to understand the real meaning of life, Happy 4th Birthday to you.

On your fourth birthday, you deserve four BIG hugs, four BIG kisses and four BIG wishes.

This year, your fourth birthday will be full of friends, fun and gifts! Happy 4th birthday!

That’s because you’re a BIG boy of 4. Happy 4th birthday!


Happy birthday to my favorite niece! I can’t make it to the party today but I will be waiting for pictures on Facebook. I know you will have a great party later because we all know that your parents are the best party organizers in town. I also sent you a birthday package, I hope you enjoy them. Love you, cutie!

Now that you’re FOUR — you’re Terrific, Handsome, Rambunctious, Extraordinary, Energetic. Happy 4th birthday!

On your Birthday today, I want to give you bags and bags of hugs and kisses and wishes that all your dreams should come true. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a super year ahead.

Especially for a 4-year-old that’s sweet as sweet can be. Here’s a Happy Birthday pup that loves to be hugged and squeezed! Happy Birthday!


On your fourth birthday, you deserve four BIG hugs, four BIG kisses and four BIG wishes.

One! Two! Three! Four! Teacher waiting at the door. You’ll be a good student, I’m sure.

Good to have your little friends around. At your age, My only friend was my puppy, but it was a good boy. Happy 4th Birthday, dude!

Happy Birthday to my two little beautiful princesses. This is the greatest gift any mom can have. My pretty twins, I love you more than anything in the world. Happy 4th birthday!


Do you know that I want to hold you for the lifetime? You’re the cutest baby ever. Now, let’s celebrate your 4th birthday.

To the most good looking son anyone can ever have, happy 4th birthday to you little one! I wish that you’ll have fun today and enjoy the great things life can offer!

Wow! You are growing up so fast my love! You just turned 4 today. Happiest birthday to you! Now off we go and buy you some new clothes for the old ones can’t fit you anymore.

Seeing you grow up is like watching a miracle happen right in front of my eyes. There is nothing that can explain how magical of a human being you are. Happy 4th birthday to you dearest daughter. I love you!


You are the greatest source of my happiness and today on your birthday, I wish that you’ll get as much happiness as you’re giving me. Happy 4th birthday to you!

Happy 4th birthday kiddo! Enjoy each moment of this very special day as you’ll never get to experience being 4-year-old again. You have one whole year to explore and have fun being 4 years old. Stay happy and blessed!

You are indeed the most important person in my life and I could sacrifice everything for your own good. May your life become even more colorful now that you are turning 4. Happy 4th birthday to you!

On your 4th birthday today, my only wish is that your guardian angels may continue to guide you and protect you from anything that can be of harm to you. I love you so much and I hope you dwell on the sweetness of life!


You are definitely the cutest and the coolest 4-year-old kid in this entire planet. Today on your birthday, you are even way cooler! You are the most amazing birthday celebrant I’ve seen. Happy 4th birthday my son!

Now that you’re 4, I am baking a cake that is four times the size of all your previous birthday cakes combined! Happy 4th birthday!

You know a kid is smart when he/she talks like a teenager. You do not only talk like one, but you act like it already and that makes you the cutest and the sweetest. Here’s to wishing a happy 4th birthday to you!

For each of your four birthday candles on your birthday cake, I grant you a birthday wish. Hoping all four of your birthday wishes come true. Happy 4th birthday!

fourth birthday

This is your special day. Every second today is for you. After all, it’s your birthday, so let’s hear you roar, I’m 4, I’m 4 and I’m 3 no more! Happy 4th birthday!

You are 4. 4 is fun. 4 is fantastic. 4 is fab. 4 is freaky. But 4 goes fast, so you should really adore 4! Happy 4th birthday!

Break out the boom, boom, boom, boom. Let’s zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom! Because it’s time to celebrate a very special birthday…Yours. Happy 4th birthday to my favorite four year old!

At 4 years old, you turn into a magical wizard. Not really, but you’re magical to me. Happy birthday to the cutest 4 year old I know and love!

fourth birthday

You’re 4 years old today and I only have four things to say to you: Happy 4th birthday, sweetie!

Your birthday candles are four times brighter this year. Your cake is four times bigger. It’s a good thing…because somebody who is four times more special than everyone else is 4 years old today. That special someone is YOU! Happy 4th birthday!

1, 2, 3, 4, may your 4th birthday be better than any birthday before. Happy 4th birthday, my precious, I’ve loved you since you were born!

Today is your 4th birthday, so you get to make four birthday wishes. I hope every single one comes true. Happy 4th birthday!


Dearest sweetie pie, you have the most beautiful face, and we love seeing it every day.

When your friends tell you that turning four is super duper, you tell them it’s actually super, super, super, super duper! Happy 4th birthday!

When you turn 4 years old, you have a special job to do. All 4 year olds must do it. No 4 years old can get out of doing it. At 4, your job is to be happy and have fun, starting with your birthday party! Happy 4th birthday!

Wow, you’re 4. Before you know it, you’re going to be old…you know, 5 years old. Better have fun while you’re 4. Happy 4th birthday.