My sister is the best and most special sister… because we’re the same size and so I have double the wardrobe! Have a lovely birthday, Sis!

Happy Birthday, sister. You’re a very special lady. Perhaps 27 will be your year? SO OLD!

Happy Birthday to not only the sassiest but the coolest, and craziest most adorable little sister in the world!

sis birthday

The best part of being your sister is having a best friend that is almost as pretty as me. Best wishes on your birthday!

Do you know why you are my favorite sister? Because you are dumb and you don’t even know it. Happy Birthday my dear!

Little sis, today is your birthday. Just name what you want and I shall get it for you. I know you know how much money I have so do not mention anything outrageous. LOL. Enjoy.

sister birthday

I used to think that you were just born bossy, then I realized you were just born first- so I guess you’re off the hook since you were just being a big sister. Happy birthday to the bossiest best sister.

No matter how old I get, I’ll still always be younger than YOU, you old fogey!

Even though you will always be a little monkey to me, you have grown up, happy birthday Lil sister

sister funny wish

I could write a million songs about your grace and elegance – but mother always taught us not to lie.

Get your ears ready for excruciating pain. I am going to sing you a birthday song with this horrible voice of mine you love so much.

You know you get the most attention, right? So what exactly is the point of a whole day dedicated to you? Anyways, happy Birthday!


Let’s celebrate your birthday like its mine. After all in your own words, what is mine is yours and yours, mine. I will be patiently waiting for my gifts.

No one can make me laugh like you do – especially when I look at your face.

Happy Birthday, sister! You better go check if you grew! I’m so glad the aliens sent you to earth all those years ago to be my sister. I hope you have a fun birthday! We love you!


You have indeed given me nerves of steel, Happy Birthday Sister.

To the sibling I am least embarrassed to be related to! Or am I? Happy Birthday to the coolest sister anyone could ever ask for!

Out of all of siblings life has blessed me with you’re my favorite because only you can see the humor in receiving an empty box as a gift.


I guess you’re probably expecting a joke about your old age or something along those lines, but… nah… I won’t say anything about that strand of gray hair I see above your right ear! Happy Birthday to my oldest sister!

“Sister, at times you could be the thorn in my side, the worm in my apple, and the pimple on my chin…but through thick and thin you will always be my sister! Happy Birthday to someone silly, spontaneous, beautiful, and witty! I love you to the moon and back!”

This year I decided to get you the type of gifts any beautiful young woman could use – a taser, pepper spray and pocket knife.


The most heartfelt wishes to my incredible sister! You mean so much to me, cutie, I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Today’s the day mom found you in a dustbin. You’ve grown up, but the smell just won’t go away. Happy Birthday to mom’s second favorite child.

How incomplete would one earring look when worn without the other? That is how I would look without you. Happy birthday.


Hooray it’s your birthday! Probably the only thing that we didn’t have to share as kids! Today it’s all about you – have fun and enjoy your special day!

Some people command respect, some admiration, some jealousy, some competitiveness and others unconditional love. But you command all these things at once. Happy birthday to my perfect sibling

Happy Birthday, sister!! As you get older, I hope you always know I have your back. You can call me anytime (I mean, if I don’t answer, don’t call BACK to BACK to BACK! Haha!). I love you so dang much, even when you are being a turd.


It may be your birthday today but even if your 100 years old, you still always going to be my little monkey. Happy birthday, Sis.

“BFF means Best Friends Forever but do you know what SBFD means? It means Sister but Best Friend in Disguise. Happy birthday.”

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! That date is… your birthday! Happy Birthday, sister! I love you! I hope your birthday was everything you wanted it to be and more!


Happy Birthday, Sis, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the chores….

Birthday wishes nowadays are so full of lies. They may make you smile but the truth is you are not more beautiful than you were last year. Happy Birthday!

One more step closer to Alzheimer‘s, sis? Don‘t worry! Sometimes it’s good don’t remember things you don’t want. With this thing I congratulate you.


What would the world be without bright sunshine and the morning dew? That is how dark and dull my life would be without a sister like you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, sister – we love you! Hope you have a very awesome birthday and with covid vaccines under your belt you throw a raver! Easy on the tippy cow. Wish we could be there to help celebrate… Next year!

Happy birthday little sister, now that you’re older I hope that makes you less evil of a bit of devil.

Usually, wisdom comes along with age. It looks like you haven’t reached that age yet, so celebrate your birthday as crazy as it is possible! Happy birthday, sister!


Let’s not forget all those holidays spent together, …and all the lazy days we’ve had in each other’s company. Happy Birthday, I can’t wait for what’s ahead of us!

Do you know what amuses me the most? Seeing that you are unable to hide your age even with this heavy makeup. Happy Birthday, loser!

Take two pieces of cake, one in each hand and you’ll be on a balanced diet. I wish you always be happy and skinny, my lovely beautiful sister!


Happy Birthday, sister! I’d toilet paper your car if I lived near you and there wasn’t a current shortage! Have a nice day. Don’t go toooo crazy.

Happy birthday, Sis, I hope you can wear those diapers yourself now because I am not helping.

Sis, you are like a parent, teacher and policewoman all rolled into one, and I’m still trying to figure out whether that’s a good or bad thing.

funny birthday

It is obvious that you cannot stop having your birthdays and more precisely you can’t stop being my lovely sister. Both these things are really good. I wish you a Happy Birthday

Having a sister is like being blessed with two of everything. Two closets, two sets of makeup, and two hearts that are always connected. Thanks for always sharing your things with me even when you didn’t want to. Happy birthday!

Sis, you drink way too much. You cuss way too much. You have somewhat questionable morals. You’re everything I could ever want in a sister. Happy birthday!


Happiest Birthday to the wildest creature of our family. Stay crazy and wild throughout

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! On this important day I just want to wish you one thing – to find a sacrifice for your life, who has come up with your unpredictable character. I can’t do this anymore. I’m joking. You’re amazing. Congrats!

Be thankful that I remember your day. You owe me a tribute for remembering this mishap of your birth. Happiest birthday to the youngest and spoiled member of the house.


Stop adding your candles and start scoring your graces. You still have hair on your scalp, not in your ears and nostrils! Happy birthday, sis.

Wait – you’re how old today? You’re so lucky you’re not a dog. They would have put you down by now. Oh, well! Happy birthday!

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you older and uglier. Yes, that’s life, my dear. Don’t be fooled by the illusions. Happy Birthday!

birthday sister

Take two pieces of cake, one in each hand and you’ll be on a balanced diet. I wish you always be happy and skinny, my lovely beautiful sister!

Happy birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you go to a zoo park! little sister, I hope your birthday is surely bananas!

“Beautiful”, “intelligent”, “caring”, and “outgoing” are all words to describe you! But, hey, “funny” wasn’t the first word I put on that list, right? Happy Birthday, funny sis!

bday sister

Before you were born, I asked both mother and father for animals in the house, though I never got animal, I imagine after you were born I had the next most immeasurable thing. Happy birthday, Sister, I hope you nevermore mature and grow old.

You know what they say: it’s better to be over the hill than buried 6 feet underneath it. Happy birthday!

Your birthday always reminds me of how lucky we were that we didn’t kill each other growing up. Have a great one, sis!

sister funny wish

It is said that if you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to talk about when you’re old. Happy birthday dear sister, I hope you have a *memorable* day!

At times, things might get difficult between us but eventually it all turns out fabulous as we have a strong bonding and the same mental disorder

Happy birthday to not only the stupid but the most aloof, and maddest, most charming little sister in the world!


Smile – today is your birthday. Be happy and remember that things could be worse. Just think about what you’ll be like in ten years – yikes!

On birthdays girls wish to be older, adults to be more modern. sister happy bday.

Congratulations on finally reaching the snapdragon phase of your life: one part of you has snapped, and the other part of you is dragging. Happy birthday!

fynny bday sister

Congratulations on birthday, dear! Wish you always to get what you want, no matter what it is – even my last candy or bite. I‘ll try not to be very angry. Love you and happy birthday, sister!

Since I’m not left with any option besides of accepting a creature like you as my sister, let’s make it considerable. Happy Birthday to the prettiest alien

I can’t think that someone so irritating and young grew up to be someone I admire profoundly and think one of my greatest buddies! Happy Birthday to my incredible, gorgeous, and talented sis!


Happy birthday! They say that age is just a number. Yea right – and jail is just a room!

I had a real funny joke about you prepared for this special occasion, but then I realized I didn’t want people to see me get my ass kicked by a girl.

Don’t be bummed about your birthday! You know what they say: it’s better to be a year older than to be one month late. Happy birthday!


Dear sister, on your birthday, I want to share a mystery of your life. You are an adopted daughter. HBD!

Happy birthday. I’m so sorry you’ve reached an age where pop culture marketers are no longer targeting you.

Still, your grin looks nice with those few left teeth. Happy birthday, sis.

happy birthday

Happy birthday! May you live to be so old, people start wondering if you’re the walking dead.

Very very happy birthday to my most precious sister! Wish you habitually to be the greatest part of my career no matter how silly it may sound. I’m without you as ordering lunch with no money. Love you sister.

Forgetting your birthday was merely an April Fool’s Joke. Unless, of course, I did remember it, in which case – please disregard this message. Happy birthday!

birthday sister

Congratulations on the extra new wrinkle on your amateur face, sister! You still look attractive, no matter how aged you are. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! I sincerely hope that you don’t take this early birthday message as a sign that you might not make it.

Let your teeth never break, your buddies never crave, your stamina never breaks, and the enjoyment of your living increases. These things will happen when you arrange a party. Happy birthday.

happy birthday

Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate the anniversary of your clever escape from the womb.

A “few” years ago, you were smart, handsome and young. Today, you’re just an old fart. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who is old enough to have had a Blockbuster card.


Happy birthday, babe! We’re such a great match because you hate celebrating your birthday, and I’m just too darn lazy to plan anything.

Remember all those times we fought over who got to ride shotgun? Hahahahaha I’m laughing about them right now. Also, SHOTGUN FOR LIFE no rips! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who has attended more birthday parties for kids than adults this year.


I’m sending this birthday wish to someone who is now too old to sit through a whole movie without having to get up to use the bathroom.

Happy birthday! May you live to be so old, handicapped stalls become a necessity and not just a spacious place to do your business.

I hope your birthday is at least half as exciting as you portray it on Facebook and Instagram. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday and congratulations on becoming that “old, weird” person at summer music festivals.

Happy birthday to you – and your newest chin.

I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but your wheelchair will be arriving tomorrow. Happy birthday!

hilarious bday wish

I know you really want to turn back the clock, but with the number of years you’ve racked up, I’m really not sure that’s even possible. Happy birthday anyway!”

You’re at that age where you’re old enough to know better, but you’re still young enough to do it anyway. Happy birthday and enjoy!

Wishing a happy birthday to someone I can only assume was still around when America relied on bayonets and horses.


It’s your birthday! You shouldn’t stop yourself from getting ridiculously intoxicated just because it’s a Monday.

I have some good news and some bad news on your birthday. The good news is that you’re one year older and so much wiser. The bad news? The hangover isn’t going to be any better this year, so please make the most of it! Happy birthday!

You know, you’re a really hard person to buy gifts for. After searching far and wide, I realized that there’s no greater gift than my presence. That’s my present to you – my presence. Get it? Happy birthday!


Congratulations! There are so many candles on your birthday cake – NASA can see it from space.

When your birthdays start coming more often than you do, you know you have something to worry about. Happy birthday!

Wishing a happy birthday to someone who is wiser, more mature and could care less about material things. That’s why I know you won’t be upset about my lack of a birthday present.

hapy birthday

Being younger than you hasn’t always been easy, but I have to say there’s nothing more satisfying than beating you in literally anything. Happy Birthday!

Let me honor you with a joke: Why don’t you ever see hippopotamus hiding in trees? Because they’re really good at it. Happy Birthday

Peer pressure, heartbreak, and loneliness; insecurity, fear, and sadness – the only thing common in all of these, is that they can be healed by hugs from a sis like you. Happy birthday.