You are an amazing sister to my friend, I can tell because he always speaks highly of you. Enjoy your birthday my dear, you are a gem we all celebrate and love.

I knew you as my friend’s sister but you are more than that to me, you are my friend and I wish you every bit of luck as you face your new year, have fun.

Sisters are wonderful to have and you’re such a lucky friend to not just have one, but two intelligent and beautiful sisters. Happy Birthday to your sister my friend. Take care of her.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sis1

The warmest wishes to you, wonderful sister of my naughty friend. Thanks for always having his back every time he gets faulty. I’m grateful to you. Happy Birthday to you.

You are cool; calm, optimistic, our friend’s sister but mostly lit, I hope I get to see you thrive as you grow older, enjoy your birthday.

I must confess to you dear sister of my friend, your promising life when we’re all young gave us all reasons to buckle up and do better. And we’re glad it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday.

To love is to cherish, to cherish is to commit oneself and commitment has its responsibilities. Congratulations on your birthday, my friend’s sister. Knowing you is a privilege.

My friend’s sister, you are a darling. It is not surprising to see your kind heart in action because that runs in your family. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sis2

Congratulations, my dear friend for having such a wonderful sister as yours. I wish her a happy birthday. Continue to celebrate and enjoy the day.

Sisters are gems and precious backups. To have a sister is a blessing but to have two of them is a special favor. I consider you lucky, dear friend to have two twin sisters celebrating birthdays today. Happy birthday to them.

Our relatives are like garments surrounding us, they provide for us covering in times of our nakedness. To have a sister is like to have a garment. Happy birthday to your sister, dear friend.

Happy birthday to you, dear sister of my friend. Your support and encouragement to us while growing helped us evolved into a better version of ourselves. Happy birthday to you.

You are not just a friend’s sister to me anymore, you are now a sister to me. Happy birthday to you, many more happy returns.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sis3

The support you give to my friend has reduced the naughtiness in his life. Thanks for always being a support to him. Happy birthday to you, dear friend’s sister.

Happy birthday to you, my friend’s sister. You are highly honored for every time my friend has the chance to speak about you, he does it with so much pride. I congratulate you today, happy birthday to you.

You are highly recognized on your birthday and I celebrate you today. Happy birthday to my friend’s sister.

The thought of having a sister will always be triggered in anyone by the fact that you have a lovely sister who cares about you. Happy birthday to your sister. My dear friend.

You are the coolest, calmest, and lovely sister I have seen for a friend. Continue to exhibit these beautiful virtues. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s sister.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sis4

We all adore you right from infancy when you were just all of a pinky princess. You have grown well I must say, long life and prosperity to you dear. Happy birthday to you.

You’re not just a friend to me now, you’ve become a sister too. Welcome to another of your best years yet. Happy birthday to you girl, my prayer is that you will never run out of lucks in life.

You are the one that brings laughter and fun to all our lives. Continue to grow well, we all love you, dear. Happiest birthday to you, many happy returns of the day to you.

With each year, you have grown well and proved to be a strong woman to us all. Happy birthday to you our highly intelligent princess, we all pray that you enjoy a good fulfilling and long life

Thank you for all those cookies you always made us and the way you crank us all up. Happy birthday to you my friend’s sister who has slowly but steadily become my sister too. Long life and prosperity are assured for you dearie.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sis5
It’s a wonderful thing we have you in all our lives, you’re a great gem even though troublesome at times. Happy birthday to you little sis, we would have made you a cake but girls shouldn’t eat too much sugar.

Having a sister is fun, even though she can be troublesome at times, it’s still one of the most wonderful things to happen to one’s life. Thank you for being a sister and more to us all. I wish you a very happy birthday today.

Welcome to another cycle of 365 days for you, I pray that you keep being beautiful and intelligent. Happy birthday to a sister and a friend. Long life and prosperity are yours.

Happy birthday to you dearest, this new year, you will enjoy all that life has in store for you. Keep being you and the sky is just a starting point.

You are the strongest of the pair of you and your brother and that’s a very good thing because we could buy use your strength. I wish you a very beautiful life and hears ahead, happy birthday to you sis.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sister1

I got two for the price of one, thank you for not only being my friend’s sister but for being a friend I can count on too. May you make the most out of your birthday.

You’re really blessed my friend. Sisters are the best companion for a stubborn friend like you and God blessed you with the best of them. My regards to your sister. Happy Birthday to her.

Heroes come in many forms; they are often in best attires and with great fearsome appearance. But your sister is the simplest hero that I know. Happy Birthday to your sister my friend.

Your blessings are obviously enormous, they are uncountable, but your beauty is so radiant, and I wish it could circulate the whole world. Happy birthday to you charming princess.

You are someone I never want to lose, I know you as my friend’s sister but sometimes it feels like so much more. Have the heartiest birthday, may all your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sister2

Who would have such a sister and not boast with her and glory in her existence. My friend gloat at every opportunity to talk about you. He is proud of you.

I like you because you are a great person, I look up to you not only because you are my friend’s sister, but you are someone I never want to lose, have a great birthday.

My friend told me of the special times you both enjoyed together right from childhood to this present moment. I told him he is lucky to have a sister like you.

I wish I have a sister like you my friend. She helps you understand women better, no wonder you have a lot of women at your side. Happy Birthday to your sister my friend.

May the continuous sound of laughter and sharing of cheers continue to linger in your home even after your birthday finally ends.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sister3

I knew this day was special from the moment I woke up, have an unforgettable birthday my friend’s sister; you are someone worth my time.

I owe it to you to be the best friend a person can ever have, enjoy your birthday and all the special things that surround it. Have fun, you deserve it.

Happy birthday to my sister. I am proudly calling you my sister because, over the years, you have impacted my life personally not just as a friend’s sister but as a sister. I celebrate you today, happy birthday to you.

You are an amazing sister. Eyes have not seen the best of you because you are a work in progress. Continue to excel in all areas. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend’s sister.

I have always known your acts of kindness while I grew with your brother as my friend. You scolded and gave us your support and encouragement as at when needed. Today, I celebrate your birthday. Have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sister4

I ask a great release of the new age blessings upon you. May you never be missing on the day of your glory. Happy birthday to you, sister of my friend.

No matter how blessed you are; your new age has shown that there is always room for increment. More blessing will fall on you. Happy birthday to my friend’s sister.

The blessings of God don’t add sorrow to people’s lives; such is the like of what you will witness in this new age. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend’s sister.

You will be called blessed because there shall be evident overflowing of blessings in your life and you shall enjoy an abundance of all that you need. Happy birthday to the delectable sister of my friend.

In as much as you have a source of blessing to many lives, I am confident that you can never be stranded, dear sister. Happy birthday to a sister. Wishing you all the best.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sister5

Dear sister, you have been a noble ambassador of what a sister should be. I pray that every promotion due you will be released. Happy birthday to my friend’s sister.

Beloved sister, Happy birthday to you. Thanks for your patience, love and care to my friend and for enduring all his naughtiness. I celebrate you today. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Dear sister, I ask that no evil shall come near your tent and your life shall be protected by the Lord. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend’s sister.

Dear sister, happy birthday to you. You have played an important role in my life. I shall never lose you. Happy birthday to the lovely sister of my friend.

Happy Birthday To Friend's Sister6