Happy 41st Birthday! If anyone told you that you’re getting old, just say old is gold!

As you’re turning 41, may you get a perfect life ahead!

Happy 41st Birthday! May God give you the strength you need to live your 40s happy and satisfied.

41st Birthday .

Happy 41st birthday, all that I want for you is to live a longer life, so spend it happily.

May this year be a stone for a better future, I wish you the best of my life.

41st Birthday

Happy 41st Birthday! You are the one that made my childhood a memorable one. You are the most precious gift our parents could give me. I wish you a very sweet and warm birthday.

Look who’s 41! I’m sure it seems like it was only yesterday that you celebrated your 40th, and now, the 41st is at the door!

41st Birthday 1

Blessings come in different sizes, so do not worry if yours is small. It still is a blessing; enjoy!

Today is special for you, and I know that, and I wish nothing but that you will enjoy your time.

Happy Bday 2

Become wild and stay wild, today’s world does not matter but live as much as you can.

Mom, there may be times when we fight or when I don’t like you. But you are my mom and I will love you forever. Happy 41st birthday to the best mom in the world.

Happy St Birthday

I hope you have fun and have a free day to have fun.

Forty-one is a new horizon of life, but more towards glory. Enjoy it!

Happy Birthday 2

Look at you, aging like priceless, fine wine. I mean, I am not 41 yet, but I can bet you feel so good right now.

Happy 41st Birthday! It must be nice to look back at your 41st birthday and see the wonderful things you’ve done. Be proud of how old you are. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday

A closed mouth is a closed destiny, yes, it’s my birthday once again. I wish myself a memorable 41st birthday.

A grateful heart is a lonely heart. I give God thanks for today and I really wish myself a happy 41st birthday today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life.

Happy Birthday 41

Can you receive a ton of blessings because you really deserve them I wish you a happy 41st birthday!

I think you’re the best girl we can ask for, and now your birthday is good.

Happy Birthday To You

Starting the race in your forties is quite an adventure. An adventure that you must live to the fullest regardless of what others say. 41 years are not always fulfilled, so let’s start your adventure celebrating!

Forty-one years and counting! A stage as beautiful as life should not be counted by years but by experiences and learnings. Forget the number 41 and start taking account of your experiences! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

Thank you for teaching me how to fight for my right and for always trying your hardest too.

Get what your heart wants and enjoy life. Happy 41st birthday!

Happy Birthday 1

Happy 41st birthday, I think you do not differ from yesterday, I’m happy for you.

You are one of the best people I know and I hope you enjoyed it, especially today.

Happy Bday

Troubles of life cannot overwhelm a man whose face is determined to smile. Today is my 41st birthday, I give God all the glory. Happy birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to my friend who looks like an innocent kid even after turning 41.

Happy Bday

I look at you, and I see the person I have fallen in love with all these years—happy 41st birthday.

Cheers to your super-amazing 41st year! Happy Birthday!

41st Birthday Wishes

Every year you live is a 365-day cycle full of possibilities. We are going to celebrate the beginning of this new cycle and toast to all the possibilities that you are about to experience day by day. Happy 41st birthday!

Happy 41st Birthday! Time to act like a sage who knows everything, even if you don’t.

Happy Birthday .

Have a prosperous 41st birthday full of cool memories and family and friends who adore you. Age gracefully.

This is what 41 and awesome looks like! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

My face is filled with expressions of gladness and joy. With a positive mind, the future is assured. I see greatness on this day of my 41st birthday. Happy birthday to me.

You can not rejuvenate, but you are improving.

Happy 41st Birthday

Happy 41st birthday, may the blessings of the Lord always be addressed to you because you are so kind.

I hope you wake up today and that you have a wonderful morning, have a happy 41st birthday.

Happy Birthday,

One more year is a step towards serenity to perfection in some way. Let your 41 candles bring you friendship, love, tenderness, laughter, celebration, and as much joy and happiness as the last 40 years!

I look at the sky, and I see stars, I look at the earth, and I see flowers, I look at my side, and I see the most beautiful woman on the planet. The beauties of nature definitely surround me! Happy 41st birthday, my beloved wife!

Th Happy Birthday

Life was meant to be lived! I hope you can look back at the height of your 41 years and just be proud of all that you have done. Happy Birthday!

A person as important in my life as you deserves a celebration! Especially on a date as significant as your birthday. We will party relentlessly until dawn! Happy 41 years!

Happy Birthday

I think it’s 41, a good place for you, a happy birthday and give you tickets now.

I’ve looked everywhere for the best gift for you, and I’ve finally found it! I stood in front of the mirror, and I found it! I’m sure I’m what you were looking for to celebrate your 41st birthday! Congratulations!

Happy Bday 1

Happy 41st birthday, all that I want for you is to live a longer life, so spend it happily.

Forty-one or twenty-one, you will be my dear friend whom I love and appreciate.

Happy Birthday

When a mate like you grows older, I have no fear of growing old. You are my hope for amazing years ahead. Happy 41st,my dearest friend!

Happy 41st birthday; if you ever find yourself missing me, remember that I’m always here.

Happy 41 Years Birthday

Love means being happy for another person despite all the circumstances, now a happy birthday.

Forty-one is just a number. Don’t think about it that much and enjoy your life, happy bday.

Birthday Wishes

I have always believed that birthdays are the perfect excuse to do everything you want in one day! When your birthday has a special day of freedom and that is why I want to invite you to celebrate! Happy 41st birthday!

Today when you are turning 41 years old, I cannot stop smiling because the truth is that your existence makes me very happy. Have a great time on this special date surrounded by all your loved ones. Happy Birthday.

Happy Bday

41 years old and your voice never stopped telling of your love to me. Happy B-day, Husband!

Happy Birthday. Forty-one years ago, you came to this world to enlighten it with your great personality and charisma. You are one in a million, and I feel very lucky to be able to share life with you.

41st Birthday

I feel blessed to know you, you, and the person with whom you are happy birthday, my dear daughter.

You have always been lucky, but I hope you get luckier after turning 41. Good Luck and Happy Birthday!

41st Birthday

Do not worry; you are still young enough to give things a second chance, a second try indeed. Happy 41st birthday.

An understanding, thoughtful and loving husband is the perfect combination to celebrate. Since you meet those characteristics, you are the one to celebrate your 41st birthday with me. Happy birthday my love!


Because today is my 41st birthday, then my friends and I will have a good time. Birthday is once for everyone in a year. Let’s have fun. Happy birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to my friend who looks like an innocent kid even after turning 41.

Happy Bday 3

I know now just how lucky I am to be here with you right now, beside you all thru life.

41 really does suit you; I can’t remember the last time I saw such a big smile on your face. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday

Congrats on getting crazier every passing year. Congrats on turning 41.

I thank you, God for blessing me with another year in my life. Happy birthday to the most blessed man in the world. It’s my 41st birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Happy 41st Birthday

41 means rejuvenation, so let’s live tonight as knight and princess. My sincerest wishes.

I think birthdays are a way of life to tell us that we need some cake and happiness.

Happy Birthday.