Girl, you may be forty-seven now but to me, you will always look eighteen, happy bday to you.

Happy 47th Birthday! The calendar drops the sheets, 47 to you already. I wish the correct goals On a solid line!

Happy 47th Birthday! To appreciate love and friendship, It turned out one hundred percent; everything that was needed was embodied; there was a simple route to a dream!

47th Birthday

Nothing lasts in this life but love and kindness will live on, spread it, happy 47th birthday!

Happy 47th Birthday! You at 47 do not sum up. And do not be sad about the past; you are only halfway on your way. Let the guiding star shine.

47th Birthday

Happy 47th birthday! I sincerely wish that the lucky star always points the right path and brings prosperity, that in any business, there is luck and success, and that every day in life is a holiday so that the soul is full of joy and kindness.

If suddenly you will be sad, I will ask you, why? After all, nowadays you are performing “children’s” 47. Happy 47th Birthday! 

Happy Birthday 3

Happy 47th Birthday! After all, you are more beautiful than any flower in the garden, and You are like a ray of golden sun. And every year, you will not get older; you surprise the young with your soul!

Not because you’re older, but you have to stop dreaming, happy 47th birthday!

47th Birthday

I openly confess that 47 is the best chapter of my life. Happy birthday to me. I look forward to making the best out of my new age.

I successfully journeyed around the sun to mark another wonderful birthday, today. Happy 47th birthday to me, myself, and me.

Happy Birthday 1

Happy 47th Birthday! This is youth; believe me, there are many goals ahead.

I wish you health, and I wish you strength On your long journey.

Happy Birthday (copy 1)

I am hopeful and ecstatic about this 47th year of my life. No doubt, I’ll be smashing more goals with each passing day.

Let fireworks burn in my thoughts; 47 – it’s time to dream! And happy minutes. The days will fill everyone! 47 to you today.

Happy Birthday

May life smile down on me and show me its brighter side. Happy 47th birthday to my gorgeous self. It feels good to be here.

Life is truly but a fleeting moment, over before you know it so just have a happy 47th birthday!


I came prepared to make 47 looks so good at any time of the day. It’s my 47th birthday, today. I wish myself long life, prosperity, and joy.

I know how much you love me because you never forget to show me every single day. Happy 47th birthday, Dad!

Happy Bday

Just because you are older does not mean you should stop dreaming, happy 47th birthday!

I won’t quit or worry, I’ll smile and be kind, cause this year will be blissful and joyful. Happy 47th birthday to me.

Happy Birthday 2

I will forever be grateful for having the best mother in the world. I wish you a very happy 47th birthday. I love you, Mom!

Happy 47th Birthday! And success so that in your networks, Be sure, hit, And happier than everyone else in the world. Your path in this life has become!

Happy Birthday 4

Happy 47th Birthday! This age is like a song; it gives you joy and flight. Let the spring of a happy life Only beats with a high key. In life, you know a lot.

Happy 47th Birthday! Do not defeat yourself with anything. Yes, it happened in different ways. For short, 47.

Happy Birthday 5

Happy 47th birthday, continue to hope for new things in this life, you deserve more.

Happy 47th Birthday! Our life is so multifaceted, and You find the best in it, May luck, constantly, Waits ahead!

Happy Birthday

Some things in life you really can never bring back so what you do is live a happy 47th birthday!

May I utilize the lessons I’ve learned in my former years to live a blissful and happy life? Happy 47th birthday to me.

Happy Birthday

Thank you for being such a great dad to me all these years. Because you love me, I know I can do anything. I love you so much, Dad! Happy 47th birthday.

My dad is turning 47 today. Happy birthday, dad! I love you so much and hope your day is filled with all the things you love. Have a great year ahead, dad.

47th Birthday

Against all odds, I am here to say I clock 47 years, today. May this new age blossom like a beautiful dandelion flower.

Happy 47th Birthday! Congratulations from my heart, May your guiding star Give you many happy moments!

47 Years Birthday

Love how you always come to me for anything now. Here’s to many more birthdays to come. Have a happy 47th birthday!

Happy 47th birthday, continue to hope for new things in this life, you deserve more.

Happy Birthday

Happy 47th Birthday! Let the holiday paint your life with bright paint. And love, luck, and happiness Will bring to your family.

I openly confess that 47 is the best chapter of my life. Happy birthday to me. I look forward to making the best out of my new age.

Happy Birthday

Happy 47th birthday to me. Many years ago I successfully escaped my mother’s womb. It has been so awesome seeing the light of a new day for the past years.

Happy 47th Birthday! 47 years worthy Celebrate now, I congratulate you heartily, May good luck love you.

I promise to love myself more and feel better about my life. Happy 47th birth anniversary to me. Cheers to a fulfilling life.