Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! You just turned 14 today. May your birthday bring you happiness as much as you have always given us. Stay calm and enjoy your cartoons.

You have been a blessing since you came into our lives. My sweet doll, Happy 14th Birthday to you. May you grow to be the most beautiful snow-white to find your prince.

Can anyone believe that you’re 14?! I must give you the biggest cake slice because you look 24 already. Have a cool birthday.

14th Birthday Boy

It’s a pleasure to watch you grow up from one stage to another, so congratulations on reaching the 14th stage.

Being a teen is really beautiful because of all that you’ll get to learn and understand. May your life go through a good path. Happy Birthday!

May your 14th birthday be the best one so far. Have fun because everyone around you cares about you so much.

When I first heard you cry, I was filled with tears and smiles. You have grown to be my golden rose in the midst of all roses. It’s your 14th Birthday enjoy your homework.

I’m very sorry I’ve not been the best dad you want me to be. It’s your 14th Birthday and I’m nowhere close to making you smile. From my heart, I say Happy 14th Birthday kid.

14 Happi Birthday For Girl

As you blow the candles on your cake, make sure you’ve brushed your teeth. So you may not contaminate the cake. Enjoy your party.

We feel blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and each year we celebrate the amazing young woman you are. Happy birthday our darling

May today be a day filled with fun and happiness – that’s what birthdays are all about

I can still remember the day you were born and how cute you looked. Even after all these years you’re still my perfect daughter. Happy birthday

You’ve grown into a lovely young woman and I know that you have just started on an amazing journey to reaching all your goals and dreams. Happy birthday my dearest niece

14 Happy Birthday

Happy 14th birthday to my baby brother. I should be getting the presents for putting up with you for 14 years!

Happy birthday, birthday boy who just turned 14 today. You are all grown up and smart. I wish you everything beautiful.

Hey boy, you are 14 today. It’s a great year for you. I wish you joy, happiness, laughter, and the best of everything. Have an amazing year and celebration. Happy Birthday.

My sweet boy, you have been a blessing since you were born. Happy 14th birthday celebration to you. I wish you many beautiful years ahead.

Happy 14th birthday boy, you are so smart and so special to us all. May the Lord bless your new age and cause you to shine always. I wish you all the best in life.

14 Hapy Birthday

I wish you greater years, greater heights, and blessings, dear son. Happy 14th birthday to you.

You are all grown up and smart, dear boy. Just like yesterday, you came into our lives. Happy 14th birthday celebration to you. I wish you greater heights and years.

Happy 14th Birthday, Today is the day you can embark on a new journey in your life.

You should never mislead your parents. but whenever you need to induce out of trouble, you’ll forever call your parents, who can save you from being grounded. Happy fourteenth birthday.

Do you want to know who I’m in love with? Just read the first word again! Happy 14th birthday.

14th Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to you dear! You are sweet, you are nice, you are the one who is 15 now! Have a blasting and rocking birthday young lad.

Wishing you a birthday filled with lots of joy and excitement and blessings for your future to excel in everything! Happy Birthday!

Wishing a very happy birthday to the person that makes my life better every day! Happy 14th birthday!

Wishing You a Very Happy 14th Birthday! May your life take a new turn on this 14th birthday and be a special one forever!

With all the love I can share, I want to show you how much I care. You send the best wishes your way, in the hope that my favorite niece will have a great birthday!

14th Birthday Kid

My beloved, let your birthday mark the beginning of this prosperous year, filled with promising opportunities and success.

With the best wishes and a lot of love for my sweet niece. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. May the next year bring you eternal happiness and blessing.

Birthdays come and go, everyone grows every year, and presents are opened and thrown away. But I want my birthday wishes to stay forever. Happy Birthday!

Life is so amazing, sometimes crazy, and sometimes fun. Your growing up was fun and crazy. You hit 14 today! Wishing you a lovely day full of fun and joy.

May Allah bless you with all the beautiful things in life. Good health, success, happiness, and long life are all I ask in my prayers for you. Happy 14th Birthday!

14th Birthday Wish For Boy

A sign of a new beginning always should come with love and laughter. I truly wish you a happy 14th Birthday my sweet kind. May your new age be blessed with all your heart wishes.

Our blessings are always with you. May God shine his face upon you and your family. May God give you good health and knowledge. Have a nice day, my Grandson I love you.

Today is the day to rejoice, for it’s my daughter’s 14th birthday. Enjoy every moment, every day of your life. Happy Birthday to you my sweetest apple pie. From Daddy.

Precious memories we have shared together with you. They are more valuable to me than gold. It’s your God-made day today I want to wish you a happy celebration.

You are sparkling like a morning star, beautiful like the roses of the valley, and an awesome kid. Happy 14th Birthday to you my girl. May it be a special year with much love.

14th Brday

Today is a big day for this family, as we celebrate the birthday of our unique and fast-growing boy. Enjoy your special day boy.

May your 14th birthday be the beginning of new and wonderful things, may you stay blessed, happy and so healthy. May you keep making this family a happy one. God bless your new age.

If there is anything I am proud of, it is having you as a son. Happy birthday, 14-year-old!

Happy fourteenth birthday to my beautiful little princess! May the year ahead be full of many blessings and lasting joy!

To my gorgeous-looking baby girl who turns 14 today, I pray for wisdom, courage, and strength to attain all your goals and aspirations in life.

14th Brday Wish

Your 14th birthday calls for a big celebration today. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are. Welcome to club 14!

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful girl like you as a daughter in our family. Thank you for being a good example to your sisters. Today, we’re with you to make your big day colorful with your favorite pizza. Happy birthday, daughter!

Dear son, I am so happy that today is your birthday. Today, you are turning 14, and that’s the happiest day for me and for the entire family, happy birthday to you, dear.

Today is the day, when my son came to this world 14 years ago, happy birthday to you dear son. On this special day, I want to tell you that, I love you more than everything in this world, you are such a wonderful gift in my life.

When I held you for the first time, I felt so pure and real love happened to me. Today, it has passed so many years and you are a grown kid now. I am wishing you all the best on your birthday, happy 14th birthday to you, dear son.

14th Happi Birthday

Today is my son’s 14th birthday and I want to let him know that he is the most important part of my life. I am so blessed to have you in my life, happy birthday to you, dear.

Your hysterical sense of humor. You are always laughing, giggling, saying something silly and you absolutely CRACK ME UP!s

You should never lie to your parents. But whenever you need to get out of trouble, you can always call your uncle who will save you from being grounded. Happy 14th birthday.

Do you want to know who I’m in love with? Just read the first word again! Happy 14th Birthday

I don’t know about every other person but, I do know that you are not just the regular 14 years old boy. You are here to make a mark. Here is to wishing you a fabulous 14.

14th Happi Brday Wish

It all started with the shrill cry of a baby boy announcing his glorious entry into the world. Fast forward to today, you’re already an adolescent. Happy birthday, my beautiful boy.

I can’t count the number of times you have been a blessing to our family. You started attracting blessings right from the day you were born. God bless you, my boy. Happy birthday!

If there is anything that makes me happy, it is the fact that you are not just brilliant but also because you take after your father. Happy birthday, my 14 years old boy.

One thing I’d want us to continue to be regardless of how old you become is best friends. Welcome to chapter 14. I’m really glad you chose me to be your dad.

I honestly find it hard to believe you are 14 already. It seems like we had you just yesterday. Continue to be a shining light, sweetie.

14th Happi Brthday Wish

You are the best daughter anybody could ask for. I wish you so much happiness and joy in life. Happy birthday to you, dear.

Yay! My baby is 14 today. As 7 is the number of perfection, may you experience double perfection in every area of your life all the years of your life on earth. Happy birthday.

My dear daughter, congratulations on clocking 14. I wish you so much bliss and only the best out of life.

Happy 14th birthday to the best daughter in the world. May you enjoy a long life in good health and a sound mind.

Your birth was a miracle and we are forever grateful for the gift of you. As you clock 14 years old today, may you continue to experience the miraculous in life.

14th Wish Birthday

Happy birthday, darling. May you be blessed and continue to be a blessing as you have been to this family. Have a wonderful year ahead.

I remember how you were basically tied to my apron strings, following me everywhere. Now, you are a big and independent girl. I wish you a great year ahead, love. Happy birthday.

I see you and I couldn’t be more proud that my efforts on you did not go to waste. You make me hopeful for the next generation. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.

A big happy birthday to the most amazing 14-year-old lady I know. You inspire me with your wit and intelligence at such a young age. Have a great one.

Life can be great, it can also come with its challenges. At 14 now, I’m sure you can already see a glimpse of it already. But I pray that you experience more of the greatness of life. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Happy 14

May you be blessed with all the good things in life. My heart sincerely prays for you that you will not know sorrow in life. Happy birthday, dear. I love you so much.

Baby girl, you are our world. You make life worthwhile. And we wish you grace to achieve all your dreams and desires. Happy birthday, baby.

Happy birthday, daddy’s apple pie. You are special to me and even though you are growing, you will always be my baby girl. May your life be full of joy. Have a great one.

Cheers to a 14-year-old superheroine. It’s your day today and we couldn’t be more glad to celebrate with you. May your light never go dim.

Wow, it’s time to celebrate your special day with you. It gives me so much happiness and joy to see that you’re embarking on another blissful adventure around the sun. May your special day bring you a stream of things to smile about!

Happy 14th Birthday Party

Happy birthday to the most amazing girl in my life! May the coming years be filled with happiness and wonderful surprises!

I’m feeling thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful girl like you in my life. Cheers to another year around the sun. Happy Birthday!

I pray for you that you will be a great person when you are an adult, you and your father always prayed to God to send us a kid like an angel and He accepted our prayer, happy birthday to you, dear son.

My wonderful boy is turning 14 today, and it’s a great day to celebrate for me. I am so happy and blessed for you, happy birthday to you, dear.

Once you are not able to blow out all the candles on your birthday cakes at once anymore you should realize that you are slowly getting old.

Happy 14th Birthday Wishe

Do you know what Google and Wikipedia have in common? None of them can explain why or how much your aunt loves you. Happy birthday to the niece who I love a lot.

As parents are being strict on them to make sure they understand boundaries, they also have to draw them close to know the discipline is done out of love.

So, how do you wish your 14-year-old boy on his birthday? You do this by speaking the right words into his life that will hopefully guide him on his part.

It’s almost impossible to do anything around you without your knowledge. You have the most sensitive spirit I have ever seen. You would make a good detective someday. Happy birthday, my great boy.

I know the pressure that comes with being a 14-year-old boy. Regardless, you have the coolest personality anyone would admire. Here is to wishing you a wonderfully happy birthday.

Happy 14th Birthday Boy

As much as I could remember, you have never given me much to worry about neither have I heard of any bad report concerning you. I hope you continue to be a good example to your younger ones. I love you, my boy. Happy birthday.

Teenagers are known to be moody and rebellious but you have been a teenager for a year now and seem to have started getting a hang of this stage in your life. Happy 14th birthday, dearest daughter. Love you.

More than all the gifts you will get today, I hope you take today to reflect on the fact that you are at that stage in life where you can have a bit of freedom but it also comes with responsibility. I pray for discernment to use this period well. Happy 14th birthday. I love you.

As you take this initial step into the world of teenagers, I wish you more wisdom to ride and navigate the waves of this stage in your life. Happy 14th birthday, princess.

You have spent 13 years on earth today and you are about to start the 14th. Enjoy being 14. And my wish for you is that your remaining years on earth will be enjoyable as well.

Happy 14th Birthday Kiddo

When your parents told me you were clocking 14 today, I couldn’t believe it. Was this the little girl of yesterday? But that’s life. I wish you a life full of brightness. I hope you loved my gift.

Hey girl, you are the best sister anyone could ever ask for. Even though I’m older, you have taught and inspired me a lot. May God keep and preserve you.

When we became friends, I didn’t know we would end up as sisters and not just friends and I’m always grateful for the gift of you. Happy 14th birthday, bestie. I love you.

I pray that you and your family will enjoy blessings from God as you celebrate your birthday today. Happy 14th birthday to you.

Welcome to 14, girl. I got here before you, so you can ask me all you need to know about this new year. I pray you never run short of favor and mercy all the days of your life. Happy birthday, bestie.

Happy 14th Birthday Teenager

Sweet niece, what do you want your uncle to get you today? You deserve it for being such a good girl. I hope you experience a future filled with joy and excitement. Happy 14th birthday, sweetie.

Cheers to one of the most well-behaved 14-year-old girls I know. May all your dreams come through. Have a great day today.

You are a ray of sunshine, ever bubbling and cheerful. I pray that life will always be good to you. Happy birthday to the best 14-year-old in the world.

Wishing you long life, good health, and a sound mind. Congratulations on turning 14 today. Make sure to have fun.

I pray for you that God will continue to keep and preserve you. Happy 14th, baby. Make sure to enjoy your day; it’s yours after all.