I hardly feel lonely because you’re always around to cheer me up. You deserve a really good doggy treat on this special day of yours.

I know you may not understand the words, ‘’Happy birthday’’ exactly but we’ve always had this connection and you seem to understand me.

I have to say we are really alike. You bark at every other person but wag your tail and stick out your tongue at the hot chicks passing by. A fun birthday to you, the dog that knows what’s up!

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One of the greatest happiness of my life is a year older today! I would like to invite all my family and friends to join me in celebrating the birthday of my dearest DOGS NAME.

My dog’s birthday would have been certainly incomplete had I not announced it on here for the whole world to see. Thank you, DOGS NAME, for bringing so much light and bliss into my world.

The most amazing thing about you is how you make me smile anytime I feel down. You are a cool buddy and I just want to say have a birthday with plenty of your favorite bones.

Hey!!! Today is your birthday, so we can do whatever you want. We can go out so you chase your tail around or you chase something better like a mate for yourself.

Birthday Wishes For Dog

I know people cannot understand how excited we are on this special day. I feel sad for them because they are missing out by not having an outstanding dog like you!

Enjoy your birthday, you lovable canine! Today we will watch the movie ‘’All Dogs Go to Heaven’’. I believe you would love it. Have fun!

My pet dog is one of the best things that ever happened to me. And his birthday is the best day to celebrate it with everyone. Happy birthday to my lovely dog

A year ago you came to our home. And very soon you made a big place in our hearts. I wish you to get more lives. Happy birthday my dear doggy.

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Happy Birthday, my sweet dog! One more year of being a good boy.

The best birthday ever to the best dog ever.

Sending birthday wishes to the world’s cutest puppy.

WOW! My four-legged friend is growing up fast. Happy Birthday, my fur baby!

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My deepest wishes are for my dear dog who does the unimaginable for me and stands by me. Love you, sweetie!

My wonderful puppy, you always understand me without talking, so what do you expect from me on your birthday? All the best, doggy.

Your looks can capture everyone’s heart, so how many hearts will your birthday party capture?

Happy Birthday to my dog whose cuddles are next to nothing when it comes to the pleasure they give. I hope to always get that from you.

Birthday Wishes For Dog 7

Happy Birthday to a wonderful dog, good boy, and best friend as well.

Best birthday greetings to one of the best dogs around. Do you know how old you are?

My pet dog, let’s make a deal. I teach you how to blow out your birthday candles, and you teach me how to play fetch.

While your doggy cake is being baked in the oven, let me tell you how much I love you. Even though a lot of my savings go to you, you will always be my favorite companion and my irreplaceable best friend. Happy bday, buddy.

Birthday Wishes For Dog 2

During my lowest, I know that you are there to lift me. During my loneliest, I know that you are there to cheer me up. When I am lost, I know that you are there to guide me back. Thank you, buddy. Wonderful birthday.

You have kept the house safe from strangers, even from that poor mailman you’ve chased around. You’ve done a job well done, buddy. Even a cat or squirrel is no match against your prowess. Happy birthday.

We’ve been to unique places together. We’ve been through tough times together. We’ve shared the best moments of our lives. I am hoping for more years of adventures with you, buddy. Best birthday.

I believe that dogs are sent by God as guardians to watch over us. I consider you as an angel and indeed the purest soul in my life. Happy birthday, buddy.

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A few years ago, I was one of those people who looked at dogs as just dogs. When you made your way into my life, you slowly changed it. You became my truest and most trusted companion. You taught me lessons that no one else could. You made me happy during my saddest times. Thank you, buddy. Wonderful bday.

The moment I hear your bark from the door, I can’t help but smile. For that reason, I always look forward to going home and rubbing that furry tummy of yours. Happy birthday, buddy.

Happiest birthday to my best animal friend who loves and cares about me more than all my friends combined. Thank you for the company and fun times.

Celebrating your birthday makes me want to measure people’s ages in dog years. Happy birthday, dear dog.

Birthday Wish On Pic With Cutest Dog

For your first birthday, I plan on letting you sleep peacefully so you can dream about squirrels and bones.

As the saying goes, every dog has its day and today is yours. A big day indeed. Though you might not understand what is happening, I wish you a happy birthday.

Happiest birthday to my little dog! You are the one who taught me how to love someone without any expectations and conditions in return.

It’s certainly amazing to have an amazing do like (Dog Name) in my life. Happy birthday (Name)

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Have a great birthday to my lovely dog (Name)- the most caring and lovable dog in the work. Thank you for making my life extraordinary!

Since the day you entered my life, I have never felt anxiety and loneliness. Thank you so much to (Name) for filling love and happiness in my life.

I know people cannot perceive how thrilled I am on this special day to have a dog like you. You are the best protector. Happy Birthday, (Name)

Today, I want to dedicate my entire Facebook status to one of the most loved (DogName). Without any question, you are one of the most favorite gifts I have ever received. Happy birthday!

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Wishing a fur-bulous day to the happiest dog I have ever seen. I just can’t get off from your cute face.

Express your love for your best friend with these Happy Birthday Quotes for dogs.

Wishing the perfect pooch the perfect birthday today! I love you with all my heart, my adorable and ever-loving dog!

As you turn one year older, may you grow more beautiful and smarter? You will have all the meat in the world today. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Cute Puppy Fb

I know I give you dry food most times, but you always reciprocate by giving me love and affection. I truly don’t deserve you. A true dime!

Here’s to another exciting year of jumping on me and licking. You are permitted to do all you wish, but only for a day.

Everyone in this world has a special day and today is your special day. Your presence is very important in my life.

My friends always ask me why I have so many pictures of my dog on my phone and I let them know who my true best friend is. As you celebrate another year on earth, I would like to say, thank you for being my bestie.

Happy Birthday Dog1

Today being your birthday, I know what will please that canine lust of yours. Meat, meat, and a lot of meat!

It never asks me to change who I am. It just loves me for me. I wish it more happy dog years on earth.

I remember seeing you as a puppy and just falling in love with you. I have never regretted getting you because you have made some of my best moments. I want to return the favor and make this birthday special.

To appreciate you for being the best dog in the world and being a year older today, you are having your favorite meal all day.

Happy Birthday Dog2

Cheers to my best friend for being 365 days older! You have been an amazing dog all these years. I wish for many more years of this great friendship.

Hey there, old friend. Today is your special day, but you are special to me every day of the year. May you shine like your fur, now and always. Wish you a very happy birthday.

You might not know this, but today is your birthday. You might also not know this, but you have been the best friend I ever got. I wish our friendship lasts forever. Happy birthday.

Hey pal, this is your friend. No, not your owner, your friend. It’s your birthday today! Time to go out, smell some bitches, pee at some poles, and chase some cars. Whatever you want, it is your special day. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Dog3

Happy birthday! Another year older! Another year more wonderful. Your birthday is nature’s way of telling me to shower you with extra pampering. And of course, you can count on me to do just that!

Happy Birthday to the best dog. I know you can’t read but I know you understand when I say something to you. You are a joy to play with and I wish you to grow big and strong.

Hello, my favorite companion. You make me happy while you dance around when I come home. You are not a dog buddy, because I think of you as a family member. Happy birthday my dear dog.

You are the best pet in the world. You are protective and loyal to us. Dear pup, we love and wish you a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Dog4

I must say that you are a real friend because you have taught me the real meaning of friendship and loyalty. Happy birthday my cute and sweet dog.

You are my stress buster. My life became happier with you. Happy birthday little champ. I am blessed to have you, buddy. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

To celebrate each day with you is like celebrating our friendship. You have made my life stress-free, and happier than ever. Happy birthday my naughty pup.

I love it when I come home and you start wagging your tail and dancing around me. Keep it on Buddy. Wish you a blasting happy birthday.

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Howl for today is your birthday, my dear pet dog. You have grown into the wolf I always knew you were.

Happy Birthday to the naughtiest puppy in the world. You don’t have to run after me today, you can just run to the cake. Enjoy!

I’m so glad that we decided to get you; I never knew a dog can create such happiness. You are the best gift ever.

Happy Birthday, my pet! I know you look good but still need a new haircut. Let’s go!

Happy Birthday My Doggo1

You are an amazing dog, and I hope that you grow into the alpha of all the dogs in the hood. I love you so much, doggy.

Best wishes for the best puppy. Do you know that I’m glad to have you by my side every day and night?

Since the day you came into my life, I have never felt loneliness and anxiety. Thank you my little fur toy for filling love in my life. Happy birthday, doggo!

The best beast deserves the best wishes. Love you, big boy.

Happy Birthday My Doggo2

A sweet birthday to the only dog that makes my days worth waking up to. I love that you are always here when I need you. Enjoy!

When I look at your eyes, I find a rapid appearance of amazing adoration, and this time I feel satisfied that I chose the right pet for my safety. Happy Birthday, my puppy!

As you turn a year older, keep in mind that the size of the dog doesn’t matter, rather than the size of the party for the dog. Thank you.

Enjoy your birthday, you lovable canine! Today we will watch the movie ‘’All Dogs Go to Heaven’’. I believe you would love it. Have fun!

Happy Birthday My Doggo3

It’s my awesome dog’s birthday! Let’s go out today. We shall scare some animals with our barks and have a good stretch of our legs.

Though it might sound unbelievable to many, I love and adore you as much as I love and adore myself. Happy birthday!

Every creation of God has its day, and I’m so excited today is yours! I wish I had a tail to wag to show you how much I love and admire you. Happy birthday.

Nothing makes me feel happier than playing with you. You are one of the biggest reasons why I love staying at home. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday My Doggo4

You are the only one who shows me unconditional love and care without expecting anything in return. You are the best dog in the entire world.

There’s not a day that passes by that you don’t do countless things to put a smile on my face. Words can’t express how much I love you.

Thank you for being the greatest companion in my life. None brings me the amount of joy that you do, which is why you will always mean the universe to me. Happy birthday.

Every single dog on this planet has its special day. Today is yours. I promise to make it is as beautiful as your presence is in my universe. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wish For Cute Dog

A very fabulous happy birthday to one of my best friends ever, DOGS NAME! Thank you for making my life an awesome journey.

My life wouldn’t be as beautiful as it currently is if God hadn’t blessed me with an amazing pet and friend like you. Happy birthday.

For me, it’s a blessing to have a dog as special as DOGS NAME in my life. Folks, please join me in wishing my adorable dog a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the world’s sweetest dog! Thank you for making even the saddest days of my life bearable.

Happy Birthday Woof Wishes

Thank you, buddy, for not only being faithful to me but also for loving me unconditionally. You’re the best. Happy birthday!

For making my life a blessed and happy one, I promise to make your life as happy as you make me feel. Words can’t express how important you are to me. Happy birthday.

Though there is a barrier to verbal communication between us, we can understand each other. To my furry friend wish you the world, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to my sweet puppy who runs in excitement towards me and licks my feet after coming home.

Happy Blessed Doggo2

Everyone I know is in love with their fur baby; we are no exception. The best birthday to one of the best buddies around.

Happy Birthday to the little monster who keeps my home safe all the time.

Best wishes to my pet who is always there when I’m exhausted. Love you, doggy.

You act like a rabbit when you want to be kind, you act like a lion when you chase cats. So how will you act on your birthday?

Happy Blessed Doggo3

How are you capable of so much love? You have given me so much and even loved my family so much more! You are indeed part of the family, buddy. Wonderful birthday!

I only need one dog in my life. You have given me so much more joy than I could ever wish for. Buddy, stay with me as long as you can, okay? Let’s live every day full of adventure and joy! Best birthday.

I’ve always wanted a puppy when I was little—having you has taught me responsibility, loyalty, and love. That has been one of my greatest wishes that I have never regretted asking. Thank you, buddy. Happy birthday.

All I’ve ever wanted in my life is a loyal companion. I guess you are all I ever needed after all. Thank you for always staying by my side, buddy. Happy birthday.

Happy Blessed Doggo4

Your birthday is more of a treat for me because it means that you are turning over a new chapter in your doggy years. Here is to more adventures for us. Best birthday.

You are one of the few who genuinely miss me when I’m gone. The thought of it makes me happy. I’ll never get tired of going home to your wet and icky licks and body slams: an excellent birthday, buddy.

It’s funny how you seem so mean at first and then you curl up under my feet and look so cute. I celebrate you today, pup. Happy birthday.

Another birthday has come. Today you get to sit at the table, eat all you want, and lie in the sun. Not a bad day I think. Happy Birthday

Happy First Birthday To My Precious Puppy Mb