It’s your birthday! No mountain is too high, no river too wide, no dream is too big. This year go out and grab your goals with both hands.

Things might not get easier as you grow older, but don’t let that get in your way. Hard work always pays off! Have a happy birthday!

May your day brings that smile to your face that never fade away the whole year. I wish best for you and pray that you get blessings of God. Happy Birthday, stay happy and remember me in your prayers.

Birthday prayer for close friend

In this life, there are too many adventures and so little time to enjoy all of them. Not for you. You have always jumped in, head first, with so much fire and grit. Life’s an endless adventure with you beside me—happy birthday to a champion.

I wish you a year that is jam-packed with joy and happiness. You were born to do great things! Have an amazing birthday!

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To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent – that is to triumph over old age.

Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you are aboard, there is nothing you can do about it.

Birthdays mean a fresh start, a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year. It is also a time to look forward with renewed hope for more significant benefits. May you find true bliss as you face your following milestones.

Birthday wish

To someone who makes my life a dream come true; I hope your birthday is more significant than life.

hope your life is a quilt of happy moments stitched together with love and joy.

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If life is a well-nurtured garden, birthdays are the flowers, and wishes are the petals.

May you always follow your own unique path when walking through this life’s journey. You’re an inspiration, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

If you look at the big picture with the right eyes, you’ll see the grandeur of life’s beauty in the littlest of things! Happy birthday!

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One tree can start a forest, One smile can make a friend, One touch can show us love and care, And you make my life worth living, dear

People will get jealous of your achievements and amused at your failures. But in the end, people don’t matter. Only you and your journey in life is all that there is. Happy journey and a very happy birthday.

There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.

Inspirational birthday

Yesterday is the past; the best is yet to come. Focus on what is ahead. Happy birthday!

This will be the year that all of your hard work pays off. Remember always that you are incredible…and stronger than you can ever imagine. I believe in you! Happy birthday!

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Every milestone is a miniature victory on the road to achieving your goals. May you achieve everything you dreamt about. Wishing you good luck and a bright future on this special day.

“Today, be aware of how you are spending your 86400 beautiful moments and spend them mindfully

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You’ve achieved a lot in very few years! But I believe that there’s still more to achieve. Keep souring higher and higher, my friend.

“Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.”

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The path of the future is uncertain and blurred. The walk is long and tiring. But in the end, you will realize that it was all worth it. Happy birthday, young friend.

I wish you as lucky as the rain has dropped, as much health as the sun has rays and as much happiness as there are stars in the sky. Happy Birthday!
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May life take you on a journey you never imagined, bringing you to a destination that stirs your soul, gives you peace of mind and surrounds you with love! Happy birthday!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear. May God make His heavenly face shine on you on this special day of yours and all the days of your life.

Today is a new beginning happy birthday

May God bless you with good health,good fortune and lots of love on your special day!

May God bless you today on your birthday and every day after. May you be comforted by His presence in your life, and always follow His guiding light.

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In all the hugs you get today, may you also feel the embrace of the love of the Lord. Here’s to many more years of happy years ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

May you always be blessed with what you deserve. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear.

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Happy Birthday! Remember that for every day of your life there is Someone taking care of you, and may God continue to hold you in His gentle hands and bring you peace.

As you celebrate, dear friend, I pray for total happiness and sunshine in your life. Your destiny will never meet with the darkness, and have a wonderful day full of joy.


To my dear best friend, may God bless you with abundant joy on your birthday and always!

It really brings me so much joy and happiness to celebrate your special day with you. I pray that God will bless you even more and may His arms of protection wrap around you on this special day of your life! Happy birthday!

May you feel the warmth surrounding your heart

On your birthday may all that you asked from God be granted to you hundred fold! Happy Birthday to my sweetest friend. Always keep smiling the way you do! Have an amazing day and an even more special year ahead. May God Bless you.

Have a great Birthday! May God always guide you and show you how much he cares about your life! Happy Birthday.

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I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories and ,may you cherish them for many more years.

I am so grateful that you have been blessed with another fabulous year. On this blessed day, I pray that all your wishes come true and that you have eternal happiness. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.


May your birthday be filled with the peace and blessings of God’s favor upon your life today and every day. Happy birthday blessings!

Blessings to you and may you feel the presence of the Lord as we all celebrate you on this day!

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Thanks be to God who gives us your shining light. You are an inspiration to us all and I am so glad to be able to wish
you a blessed birthday

I pray the Lord Almighty to grant you eternal joy in life. Have the happiest Birthday.

Happy birthday blessings and quotes

Today I thank God for the gift of life. I am so blessed to have you in my life, and I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays together. Happy Birthday!

May God bless you every single second of your life, dear friend. And may he keep you shielded from anything that brings sorrow to your life. Happy BIrthday.


I can simply just greet you a happy birthday today but I do not want to greet you that way because you are very special to me. What I want to do is to shout my greetings to the world and let everyone know just how awesome you really are! Have a blessed birthday my friend!

May you achieve everything you desire in life. I wish you a very sweet and happy birthday. May you have an awesome life ahead. Enjoy your day.


Happy Birthday! I admire you so much, you are great! I wish God take care of you in all your ways.

On your special day, I wish you good luck. I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate the happiness on every day of your life. Happy Birthday!!


Birthday is the Day to Forget About the Lost Opportunities and Failure, It’s a New hope, Start of New Year with New Ideas. Hope to See you in Good Health with Good Opportunity this Year.. Happy Birthday Dear!!

As you celebrate your Big Day, I want you to know that with God every single dream of yours is possible. May God help you achieve all your dreams, and may He let your heart never know sadness. Happy blessed birthday
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Happy birthday! Wishing you many more years of good health and prosperity.

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