You weren’t just my wife, you were my best friend, so when I lost you, I didn’t just lose a wife but I lost my friend. Happy Birthday ex-wife.

It is certain I won’t be by your side as you celebrate your birthday today, but I want you to know that all of my thoughts are with you. Happy Birthday ex-wife.

You are a great big part of me and I cannot pass up this opportunity. Happy birthday my dear ex-wife, my fondest memories are of you. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday Ex Wife4

Whenever I think those brittle memories, my heart drowns and eyes full of tears and the loneliness grasps me. I still miss you. Happy Birthday, my sweet ex-wife.

Love was the reason for our marriage but I wondered how it disappeared with no traces, even though we are not together, I wish you well on your special day. Happy birthday ex-wife.

I will never forget the first and only woman I ever loved, you remain to be my most prized possession, I still love you ex-wife, you are amazing!!

Best Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife1

Happy birthday my beautiful ex-wife, you still remain the same even as you grow older. I wish you nothing but the very best as you embark on this New Year’s journeys.

There was a time when we both wanted to spend our lives together, followed by a time when we could stand each other. There was a time when each other’s happiness we couldn’t see, but now we have realized that we just weren’t meant to be. Happy birthday to my ex.

I trust you to make today an amazing one for all who will be around to celebrate with you. May life keep treating you well. Happy birthday to you,

Best Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife2

Should I start by telling you how much of your awesomeness I still remember or by just stating the obvious that you’re amazing? Happy birthday to you

So much I learnt from you. So much I am still learning. We are not together but I’m lucky to say I know you. Happy birthday to you

Everyone has a lot of good things to say about you and I am not an exception. In fact, make me the leader of your fan club. Happy birthday to you

Best Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife3

You’re one friend of mine that I thank God for. And every time I get to be around you, I am reminded of your awesomeness and jealous of the lucky man that has you. Happy birthday to you

Look at how far you’ve come. I’m glad that you’ve made good use of the resources available to you and that you’ve come this far. Better days are ahead of you. Happy birthday to you

I promise you, you’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever come across and I’m excited as you celebrate this new age. May it come with more for you. Happy birthday to you

Best Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife4

Those were tough days when you were sad, but now seeing you happy, my heart is also happy, happy birthday Ex Wife

There are lots of reason that I chose you as my wife, but everyone has its own choice, BTW happy birthday ex-wife

I hope you are having good day with your partner, happy birthday ex-wife

Best Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife5

Love is life and you will be my love forever, happy birthday ex-wife

Don’t be sad Ex-wife I am enjoying my life to the fullest you should also enjoy your life to the fullest, happy birthday ex-wife

Life is beautiful ex-wife if you have vision to see so enjoy this beautiful life rather than thinking about me all day, happy birthday ex wife

Best Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife6

You became too gorgeous ex wife, I am again falling in love with you, BTW happy birthday ex wife

I still remember our marriage when we were happy couple BTW life teaches you some important lessons, don’t forget them, happy birthday ex wife

Life is full of adventurous things to do, all you need to do is just open mind and big heart, happy birthday exwife

Birthday Messages For Ex Wife

What I am wishing for you is a new day that you can fill with memories with your new love.

You are growing up to be a stronger and better woman and I am proud to say was once mine.

I admit I was the one to mess it all up but I hope on your big day today, we can reconcile on it.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Husband 5411

I still remember your first birthday celebration when we went for a long bike trip and cut your cake on the roadside. Ah! Good old days. Happy birthday my lovely ex.

On your cake cutting day, I just want to wish you an awesome happy birthday. May you get whatever you wish for in life!

Time changes pretty quickly. Last year, we were celebrating your birthday will full zest, and this year, you are celebrating it without me. Happy birthday, ex GF. May you have the best birthday celebration of all time.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife1

Before our breakup, I used to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday. After the breakup, I am still the first person to wish you birthday. Something never changes. Happy birthday to the prettiest ex-girlfriend!

We were such an ideal couple. It’s quite heartbreaking we are no longer together. Still, wishing you on your birthday matters a lot to me. Happy birthday dear! I wish you the happiness of a lifetime!

Love is not about keeping your loved one close to you all the time. It’s all about wishing for the happiness of better-half, whether you are together or not. Happy birthday to the loveliest ex-girlfriend!

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife2

The feeling is still so strong, we had it since childhood. We can’t be together, but I will always cherish you. Happy birthday ex-wife.

I can’t even imagine how our love story turned into the hate story and our marriage become controversial for everyone. Bad experience! Happy Birthday anyways, ex-wife.

I will never forget the time we both pledge allegiance to one another and we only wanted to be together for eternity, I wish those feelings last longer. Happy Birthday ex-wife.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife3

I once thought that you were my destiny and those thought are still very fresh, but it didn’t come to pass. I want to wish you all the best as you celebrate your birthday.

Happy birthday my ex-wife, I wish you a day filled with new memories and moments, may you grow wiser as you grow older. Cheers.

This separation made my life ruin. How much my heart loves you, you have no idea, and you just messed up all. Happy Birthday, ex-wife.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife4

My life was going downward when you came into my life to salvage it, but now you are gone, I hope to live a good life without you here. Happy Birthday ex-wife.

Our marriage broke apart but we never behaved like nasty exes and enemies. I am glad that we have done justice to our memories. Happy birthday.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have any regrets, but I also know a wise quote which says – suffers, he who does not forget. Happy birthday dear.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife5

Our divorce has caged us both in a prison of bitter memories. Your birthday seems like the perfect day to break free from the shackles of our past and look towards an amicable future. Happy birthday.

Exes are supposed to be mean, rude and nasty. We are not like that, because we respect the fact that we were once family. Happy birthday to my ex-wife.

I get angry when I think that you are partly responsible for our divorce and all other worries. But I calm down when I realize that you are also partly responsible for our adorable children and beautiful memories. Happy birthday to my ex.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Husband 5433

When we started dating, I never thought I would call you my ex-wife. Call it luck or call it destiny, such is life. Happy birthday.

I know it is hard to believe but trust me I am the one who was stabbed by you, happy birthday ex wife

You are becoming pretty day by day and my heart is getting jealous :D, Just kidding buddy, enjoy this day, happy birthday ex wife

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife6

This is the right time to apologize, Please pardon me ex, happy birthday ex-wife

I don’t think that you have remembered our happy moments, but I remembered them as I was the one who created them, BTW happy birthday ex wife

Life will teach you how to be good or bad person, it’s the choice in your hand whether you want to be good or bad, happy birthday ex wife

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife 1 Min

You taught me lots of good things, ex-wife I couldn’t remember our bad happenings, happy birthday ex wife

Everyone do love, but one who sacrifice, has the biggest love, BTW happy birthday ex wife

I just want to tell you that, I still love you from the bottom of my heart if you want to come with me, gates of heart will remain open for you, happy birthday ex wife

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife

I know you don’t like me, but we are humans and we should at least talk to each other, happy birthday ex wife

Oh! My God!!! You are the most selfless person I know. I mean, there is always this smile on your face, no matter how tough the time gets. If there is a competition for a most patient person, you will win the trophy. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday with all my love.

The one person who has always been in my imagination and dreams, the only person who could have changed my life for good. I am happy that we got married and went through the most challenging phase of our lives together. As I dipped my feet into the life of marital bliss, I want you to know that my heart is filled with all these emotions because of all this THANK YOU. I adore you so much.

Birthday Wishes For Ex Wife Min

My ex-wife deserves to know how much she means to me, and it is only right that all the love I have for her be shared. I hope that today brings her a new sense of hope and relief that there are people in this world who will be there to support her through thick and thin. May you always be happy, dear ex-wife! I may not have been the greatest husband to you, but you will always be my best friend.

Happy birthday ex-wife, I may not be by your side anymore but I hope that you get to enjoy it.

I was never the unfaithful husband you painted me to be but I got over it now, have fun today!

Happi Bday Ex Wife

If I ever broke what we had because of my lack of faith, forgive me and I hope you are happy.

This space is really killing me, and I wonder if I can keep being like this for so long, but our differences won’t allow us to be together. Happy birthday ex-wife.

Regression doesn’t allow me to take a good sleep and with time it’s getting on my nerves. Forgive me if you can, might it make loosen my some burden. Happy Birthday dear ex-wife.

Happy Birthady Ex Wife I Wish Loads Of Fun And Smile To You

Now I know I should have shared your suffering with you, please forgive my carelessness. I still care about you, happy birthday ex-wife.

It is always a good feeling seeing you happy, you may not be my wife anymore but I still wish you the best. Hearty birthday my ex-wife!

Make new memories, meet new people and most of all have fun with your new age. Have a blast on your birthday ex-wife; I hope you find what you are looking for.I hope you find peace, love and prosperity as you enjoy your birthday ex-wife, thank you for giving me the best times of my life; you are now a great and treasured friend.

Happy Birthday Dear Ex Wife1

I couldn’t stay but I never let you go, I hope you forgave me for everything bad I did to you, enjoy your birthday and all the nice things it has in store for us. Have fun ex-wife.

Calling you my ex-wife was never something I wanted to do when we first got together. I hope you have an unforgettable birthday ex-wife.

I am not the unfaithful one but I couldn’t show the faith and broke your trust. I am sorry that I lost such a good relation just because of my ego. Wish you a very happy birthday my dear ex-wife.

Happy Birthday Dear Ex Wife2

It’s your day, and I would like to wish you the best as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday ex-wife, may all your wishes come true.

Have a great birthday my lovely ex-wife, you are truly blessed, may this day give you a million and one reasons to live.

Our relation was broken just because of a small jerk of misconception, neither I disloyal nor you. Now we are separated to each other but I wish wherever you live, enjoy your life happily.

Happy Birthday Dear Ex Wife3

You were the reason of my smile, my sweetness and the peace of my life. But you have destroyed the moments of love and I will keep them all in my mind as long I live.

Happy birthday to the woman who made me the man I am today, I am sorry I broke your heart, I hope you find peace, love and happiness as you celebrate your birthday.

You will forever remain a diamond in my eyes, flawless and priceless. I hope you enjoy your birthday my ex-wife, blow out those candles with a beautiful wish in your heart.

Happy Birthday Dear Ex Wife4

You have been there for me through thick and thin. Have a great birthday my ex-wife, memories of you live in me forever.

There is nothing as important as family, I know that. You are my family and I will forever look out for your best interests. Enjoy the day ex-wife, you deserve the cake.

I don’t know if it is possible for you to have the best birthday celebration without me, because of what we shared, but I do hope you will enjoy every bit of it.

Happy Birthday Dear Ex Wife5

My six phases of life regarding you. First sight, love, madness, marriage, dispute and divorce. Even after all this, I want you to be happy, anyhow.

It is good to see you that you still wear makeup, happy birthday ex wife

I still remember that I wasted all my time with you, BTW happy birthday ex wife

Happy Birthday Ex Wife 80ef04804e

I hope you pardoned me and lets talk to each other and feel good towards each other rather than hate, happy birthday ex wife

I wish you to have the best time of your life and that maybe you can think of me even for now.

My respect for you has never wavered, I still have a great amount of it, you can be assured.

Happy Birthday Ex Wife6

Enjoy the day and know that this one is meant for you and yours alone, so get the most of it.

Have an awesome time celebrating your birth with some people that can understand you, dear.

This smile plastered on my face is yours, you are the reason, at least you were once the reason.

Happy Birthday Ex Wife7

You are flawless to me, you are beyond any price of the world, I still miss you, enjoy this day.

I still do miss you, which is the downright truth of things, I still do, so happy birthday ex-wife.

Blow those candles out and take everything off your mind for a second and make a wish, dear.

Happy Birthday Ex Wife5

We were a unit you and I, a family but even that is gone now still I wish you get to enjoy today.

I look out for your interests, the best for you still, even years after we have broken apart, wifey.

Happy birthday ex-wife, my memories of you remain good and valuable, I wish you the best.

Happy Birthday Ex Wife6

Dear ex-wifey, I just wish that you would not be a bit sad as you celebrate this coming of age.

I am still grateful and thankful to the Lord for bringing you in my life. Unfortunately, we are not together my birthday wishes will reach to you for sure. Happy birthday, love!

The serenity and charm on your face are still intact. Happy birthday dear! Keep smiling, keep hustling, and love life!

Happy Birthday Ex Wife

I want to wish you a fantastic time as you celebrate this fantastic day; I still hold you dearly with great respect my ex-wife. Enjoy the day.

I know how special this day for you, I just want to wish you an awesome time as you celebrate this awesome day with awesome people.

I thought I’ll do just fine without you in my life, but it seems to be the opposite, because I miss you more for every minute I’m apart.

Happy Birthday Ex Wife 7

This feeling is so strange and I have no explanation for it, but may you enjoy your special day even though I won’t be with you ever again.

Happy Birthday dear ex-wife. Live your life by your so-called typical rules. Free from my side.

May today bring you enough joy to forget all the sorrow you have been through especially in our relationship that just ended. Happy birthday to you wonderful ex-wife.

Happy Birthday Ex Wife 8

Let the water flow and time hooked up. If the sea has stormed in it, let the shore abide. This is my punishment and I want to spend my whole life by the support of your memories. Happy Birthday my lovely ex-wife.

We possessed the heights of ignorance and we had nothing between us as we were husband and wife – an unseen and unheard story has existed between us.

On your birthday I will wish you two things my dear ex-wife that you will always be happy no matter where you are and that you will always wear that smile on your face it looks good.

Happy Birthday Ex Wife I Wish Loads Of Fun And Smile To You