Thank you for being such an amazing and awesome mum my friend’s mother. I hope this birthday will be more awesome than the last.

Happy Birthday to you. I celebrate your birth because you gave birth to a beautiful son and I will always like that about you.

Happy Birthday! You are an exemplary parent, and my great friend is very lucky to have a mother as wonderful as you.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Mother In Law

You must be an excellent woman because a lion cannot birth a goat. Now I know where your son got his excellence from. Happy Birthday.

Your great lady is turning a year older. That’s awesome. Tell her that I’m wishing her the best.

Did you bring your mother a present? I think you forgot. Anyway, you’re a great gift to her, but at least get some balloons.

In this life, we wouldn’t turn out the way we have it were not for our mothers. They are the guardian angels that support our lives in every possible way. They give us smiles, love and joy all around. Mothers are great, they are amazing and of course strong and resilient.

For your friend, their mom is the main character in their life and of course, you’re well aware that if it were not for that woman, you never would have crossed paths with your friend.

Happy Birthday To Friends Mother 6d873fd9ba

Mothers are a great gift to us, they deserve to be loved and appreciated at all times. It is altogether a very bad and quite inappropriate culture to wait until mothers’ day to celebrate the mothers in our lives. Whatever happened to making them feel loved out of spontaneity?

Your friend’s mom is like a mother to you, and whether you have a cordial relationship with her or not, you should at least wish her on her birthday and there are several ways to do that of course.

You could send her some words of appreciation for mom to let her know you’re grateful to her. You’re not sure if you should, but as a matter of fact, you can send your friend’s mom some words of prayers on her birthday.

If you can afford it, a surprise birthday is not altogether a bad idea. Mothers, like every woman in our lives, deserves to be spoiled.

You are definitely one of the best mom’s around friend’s mom, and I couldn’t let the day go by without wishing you a hearty and unforgettable birthday. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday To My Other Mother We Love You Dearly Ma

Happy Birthday friend’s mom, thank you for giving me a sibling I can count on. May this day shower you with more than you can handle.

Have a nice day ma. Your child is my great friend and has an immensely stunning mother. I wish your birthday is spent with much joy and health. Congratulations!

For you who is the mother of my great friend, I wish you a beautiful and remarkable birthday. Congratulations!

Today is celebrated not only as the birthday of my best friend’s mother, but also of the person who is like a mother to me. Congrats!

I rejoice with the woman that carried my friend for Nine months. Have a beautiful day.

Happy Birthday To Your Mother

Thank you for taking good care of my friend, he always speaks of how good a mother that you are; may you live long to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Of all my friends’ mothers, you are my favorite, because you treat me as though I was your own child. Happy Birthday To You!

Your kind of love has never been seen anywhere else in the whole world, you never for once got tired of us although we were stubborn several times. A cool birthday to my special friend’s mom.

A brother/sister may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother/sister, that is why I celebrate you, madam; you gave me a brother/sister. Have a splendid birthday.

Thanks for being a motherly figure to us, it’s important to have people we look onto even as teenagers. Thanks for everything you did that we didn’t even see. Happy Birthday,Mom.

Happy Birthday To Friends Mother 6525a80d77

Thanks for always being there for my friend and me, you are a mother that is one in a million. Happy Birthday to you, madam.

Best wishes to the woman whom I love to call mother. Enjoy today.

You covered our mess up every time, I don’t know if anyone else will ever be able to do that for us. Maybe no one would. Thanks for your patience, and have a happy birthday.

Thanks for being a good influence on us. Happy Birthday to the mother of my best friend.

My friend can never stop talking about you, [he/she] would never cease to emphasize your importance in [his/her] life. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Friends Mother 3b2f59a7ef

There’s always this confidence that abides with the people who have mothers, and I’ve always seen it in my friend. I pray you’ll live long to keep giving [her/him] joy.

Happy Birthday, Mother! Thanks for always reaching out to us with your love, it is one of the most peculiar things. We love you a lot.

You are a perfect example of a woman strong enough to run the world. I hope you live longer than us all, so you can prove me right, to 100001 years and more.

You are one of the best moms around, I hope you grow happier with each year that passes, and you are a gift to this society.

Friend’s mom like my mom, thank you for being our great caregiver. I choose today to celebrate you because you deserve it and so much more. Happy birthday to you mama, we love you and wish you a very good life ahead.

Happy Birthday To Friends Mother 1b1d71431a

How could I let this day go by without wishing you a very happy birthday! Thank you for being part of the people that makes my world go round. You’re irreplaceable to us all and I wish you a very happy birthday.

Hearty cheers to today my friend’s mom, thank you for giving me a friend like a sibling. I pray that the heavens shower you with so many blessings. I sincerely wish you long life and prosperity.

It’s your special day ma and I pray that nothing breaks the cycle of joy that you already are in. May today bring in showers of blessings just for you. Happy birthday to you ma! I love you just like my mother.

I just want to specially appreciate you today for being an exemplary friend’s mom. My friend is so lucky to have you as her mother that I can’t help but be jealous. We all love you ma, and I sincerely wish you a very happy birthday today.

Mummy, I just want to use the opportunity of your special day to thank you for being such an amazing and wonderful mother to my friends and me, despite being my friend’s mom. I hope that all your wishes come true. Happy birthday, ma’am.

Happy Birthday Friend Mother Cool

Never have I seen or heard of a mother so tolerant as you. I mean, we do bad things enough to get you angry, but you overlook and correct us with love. I’m thankful that I’m your daughter’s friend. I hope this birthday will be more awesome than the last.

Happy birthday to a mother who’s always overprotective of me her daughter’s friend. I celebrate you today because you have been there for me. Thank you for everything you do. I will never disappoint you, ma.

One thing I will always cherish about you is how accommodating you are. Not minding what it will cost you, you do things for us selflessly. I’m so grateful for everything. My mom sends her regards too. Happy birthday to you.

I have always told my friend that he took after you. Despite being a woman, you’re strong enough to face any life’s challenges. Thank you for helping us with so many things my mom finds difficult to do. I join others in celebrating your new age.

Mom, it’s your birthday, and I know you like enjoying so please do that as much as you want. Make sure you spend the day doing all you like doing best because you only get to celebrate your birthday just once a year. I love you ma.

Happy Birthday To Friends Mother 0772afa432

You are as vital to me as your son, I’m friends with a fantastic person, and it would not have happened without you, You are worth celebrating.

You treat me like family and make comfortable whenever I am around you even though I am just your son’s friend. Happy birthday to my second mother.

Happiness is what I feel towards you on your birthday; you represent an honorable and virtuous woman worth emulating. Best wishes to a the mother of my friend.

It is finally here again, just as the last, I get an opportunity every year to commend you on your birthday for treating me as a son and not just your boy’s playmate.

Enjoy your day and thank you for giving us a reason to celebrate. May everything good come your way.

Birthday Wishes For Friends Mom5

All I can do is make a birthday wish while you blow out your candles, I hope you remain as happy as of now through your new age. You are a friend’s mom indeed.

It’s your special day friend’s mom, enjoy this birthday with those you love and see yourself look younger than you already feel. Have an amazing day!

You are an awesome mom and a beautiful woman friend’s mom, may this birthday be one of the best you’ve ever had. Wishing you a wonderful day!

I can already see the smile on your face as you cut your birthday cake friend’s mom. I hope this day will give a million presents and gifts to keep. Enjoy!

We have been blessed to witness another 365 days of your motherly love and care; my friend must be fortunate to have a woman like you as a mother.

Happy Birthday To Friends Mother 0c622daeff

Thank you for being a good influence on my friend, mothers of your type are rear. I pray to the heavens to grant you many more years of happiness and fulfillment.

Mothers of your type are of the old generation; they are selfless and will do anything to make their kids happy. My friend have a fantastic mother in you.

You are awesome friend’s mom, I appreciate the homely feeling I get when I am around your house. Enjoy your birthday and may luck forever find you!

I appreciate you for through it all, you sacrificed and took your time to make my best friend the person [he/she] is today. Have an awesome birthday, awesome mom.

May you always have and may you never lack, this is my wish to you. You deserve the best, ma’am.

Happy Birthday Friend Mother Feature

English doesn’t include the perfect word to describe your greatness, ma’am. Maybe French does. That’s your [son/daughter]’s joke not mine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I may not be as good as your son, but you have never treated me differently, so I wish you a beautiful birthday full of happiness and love.

Welcome to another year, I hope you enjoy this birthday, because it’s specially made for the special women.

Happy Birthday, Ma’am! May this day bring you joy and laughter as you blow out those candles with us.

I wish that your birthday is an avalanche of blessings and fun for you today. I wish you a very nice day and an amazing celebration. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Friend Mom Precious

Congratulations to you my friend’s mom, I am more than excited that I could get to celebrate you and with you today. I sincerely pray that God grant you good health and greatness ahead. Happy birthday to you ma.

To the most important and beautiful woman in my friend’s life, happy birthday to you ma. I’m glad we could celebrate your birthday as much as we want to. Have fun ma, I already prayed for you long life and prosperity.

It’s a remarkable day, the occasion of your birth anniversary and my utmost prayer is that God continues to preserve you as he has always done. Happy birthday to you my friend’s mom.

Cheers to you the mother of my best friend today! I pray that your birthday will be a good time to reminisce about every day of your life. Happy birthday to you ma, may God bless your days.

Today is a perfect day to celebrate you and tell you how much you mean to us. Thank you for being a mother not just to your daughter but for all of us her friends. Happy birthday, ma, we celebrate you now and always.

Birthday Wishes For Friends Mom4

We should mark today down as a public holiday because your birthday is worth celebrating with all pomp and pageantry. My sincere prayer is longevity for you ma, and in good health too. Happy birthday to you my friend’s mom.

You are more like a mother to me and it is with great excitements that I celebrate you today as much as you deserve. I wish you a beautiful celebration and years ahead, happy birthday to you ma!

I raise my glasses as a toast to the woman who carried my friend for nine months and raised him to be a perfect gentleman. I salute you mom and celebrate you every day too. Happiest birthday to you, many happy returns of the day.

I just want to use this opportunity to say thank you for being an amazing and integral part of my life through my friendship with your son. You are loved, ma’am, and I say; happy birthday to you today.

It’s a perfect occasion to say to you; thank you for treating me like family. It is not an overstatement when I call you my second mom. May your days be remarkably beautiful forever, happy birthday to you mom.

Birthday Wishes For Friends Mom3

Thank you ma for giving me a home away from my home with you. It’s been a great time being friends with your daughter all of those years and I have you to thank for all of that. I say a very happy birthday to you, long life and prosperity too.

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you into another year of your beautiful existence. I pray that every day of life is kind and favorable to you ma, long life and prosperity is assured. Happiest birthday to the best friend’s mom around.

Another birthday, a perfect opportunity to tell you how virtuous you are and what you mean to us all. Many things to say to appreciate you but my prayer is that you live long to reap the fruits of your labors. Happy birthday to you ma.

You are an exemplary parent, and I love how you correct your children including us their friends, with love. My friend is lucky to have a mother as wonderful as you. I’m equally lucky to have benefit from your love and care. Happy birthday, ma’am.

When we talk about real mothers, you definitely will take the first position. You have carried out your role perfectly, and you’ve never for once failed in loving us, despite all you go through. I’m happy that I’m a friend to your daughter. God bless you and have a happy birthday, ma.

Birthday Wishes For Friends Mom2

Your son is my friend, and I can see where he got his brilliance from. He’s good looking, just like you. Thank you for teaching him morals and not failing to train him the perfect way. I wish your birthday is spent with much joy and happiness.

Thank you for being the perfect example of a great mother. It takes a strong woman to accommodate stubborn boys like us, and feed us like we’re her children. I’m glad I met you, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

You know I will always celebrate you, ma. Looking back at how you accommodated and fed me back in the days, I can’t but keep appreciating you for your motherly role in my life. Happy birthday. God bless you.

My mom will never tolerate all you condone at all, that’s why I don’t take my friend’s home. You have never complained about how messy we can be when we’re in your house. Instead, you love and accommodate us. I’m thankful, ma’am. Do have a happy birthday.

You are like a mother to me. I don’t see you as my friend’s mom. You provide things for me effortlessly, without thinking I have parents too. I have learnt a lot from you, and with that, I’m certain I would run my home the best way. Happy birthday, ma’am.

Birthday Wishes For Friends Mom1

Thank you for being considerate, kind and loving friend’s mom. I wish you a hearty birthday and may everything you’ve ever hoped for come your way. Enjoy!

Thank you for being such an amazing woman friend’s mom, you deserve to be appreciated, celebrated and remembered on your birthday. Enjoy!

To a real mom, you have not only been an excellent mother to my friend but also filled my belly and pocket on countless occasions. I wish you the joy of motherhood.

I have friends with difficult mothers, but your ways are just so homely, anyone would be glad to have you around them, Happy Birthday to one of the best mothers I have ever met.

I am thankful that I know a woman as awesome and as amazing as you are, You are worth all the celebration, enjoy your special day!

Birthday Wishes For Friend's Mom

You are an awesome mum, and I can tell because my friend speaks highly of you, enjoy your birthday and everything good that comes out of it. Have a great day mom!

I do not only eat your food, I also get the opportunity to learn a new thing whenever I’m with you. Now I understand my friend is damn smart. Happy Birthday to a mother figure.

No one’s perfect, but it’s worth commending when we find an individual who’s consistent with what she does best, thank you for all the support you have shown me and your kid over the year.

Today is a fantastic day; I get to celebrate a tremendous woman and also get the opportunity to eat free cake. May your years be sweet as the icing on your cake. Regard to my friend

My prayer is that you remain radiant and happy as we’ve always known you, till forever. Thank you for accommodating us all and making us enjoy your motherly care. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s mom.

Birthday Wishes For Friend Mother 3a0ae

Today is another perfect opportunity to say; thank you for all you do for us all. It’s my good fortune that you came into my life as my friend’s mom. Make sure you enjoy your day mama, I pray for God’s favour on you.

It’s a great privilege that I got the chance to be friends with your son. Thank you for adopting me too and help to shape me into who I am today. My prayer is that you live long and reap the benefits of mothering us all. Happy birthday to you mama.

You are the reason we get to celebrate you today, happy birthday to you our supermom. Thank you for the gift of my friend. We always love and celebrate you.

You are a friend’s mom in need and indeed. Memories of how you accepted me will forever be golden in my heart. I raise a glass to you today ma, and I say; hearty happy birthday to you.

I need to congratulate you for making it into another cycle of amazing 365 days. Thank you for being a mom to me when I needed one. Happy birthday to you my friend’s mom.

Birthday Prayers For Your Mother. Feature Image

Your advice and guidance are always golden just like my mom’s, in fact, it’s my good fortune that I have another mother like my mother in my life. Happy birthday to you my second mom, I love calling you that.

Thank you for doing a good job raising a responsible and perfect lady to be my friend. On this day, I pray that you will continue to be a great source of inspiration to us all. Happiest birthday my friend’s mother.

Birthday Prayers For Mother. Cover Picture For Fb